Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition

If you have always dreamed of being a competitive eater, and you love Japanese curry, there is finally an event for you. According to The Feedbag, last night was the first open-to-the-public preliminary round of the Go Go Curry Eating Championship.  Don’t worry if you missed it, there will be 7 more qualifying time trial events every five days between now and May 20th.  Qualifiers pay $20 to enter, and will be timed on how long it takes them to eat “two servings of the Original Walk (12oz) that is sold at Go Go Curry” cabbage not included.  The top 5 times across all of the qualifying events will make it to the grand finals on May 30th, which will also be broadcast on the internet.  If you’re interested, all the info is on the Go Go Curry Website– including a long list of pretty amazing rules involving shoveling (it is permitted), forks (they will provide a regulation fork), and vomiting (where you can and can’t do it).

If anybody thinks they have a shot, and wants to be sponsored by Midtown Lunch (UltimateBet style) shoot me an email.  I might be willing to put up the fee for somebody who is willing to paint MidtownLunch.com on the side of their body. [Official Contest Web Page via The Feedbag]

Go Go Curry Hits a Japanese Kare Grand Slam
Opening Day Means The Return of Free Toppings at Go Go Curry


  • OMG! Commenter Tom needs to enter this!

  • My wife has entered several SANCTIONED competitive eating contests and finished quite well in all of them.

    It’s far more difficult than most people assume.

    Particularly if the food has certain digestive consequences (like escolar, for example).

    I think she would be very interested in this particular competition, as she does have a taste for Japanese curry.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    Chuck, PhD

  • “Vomiting” only needs one t. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  • It’s in No way curry…..you can buy it in vac sealed packs from your local jap/chink store.

    It just fried shit with spicy gravy.

  • Seems like this is not endorsed by one of the professional eating organizations so no pros can show up and run away with the $500 and all the free curry. Nice that they provide a bucket for all the contestants. Note to Go Go curry employees: Best to call in sick that day less you get stuck “emptying”

  • “Jap/Chink” store?

    Nice mouth, McBeagle

  • E-mail sent!

  • Rudy can save his racist comments for his own blog, if he has one.

  • @Rudy McBagel:

    Oh wow. Not to be ‘PC’ but ‘local Asian supermarket’ would’ve sufficed.


    but it’s ok to say Paki?…Brit…aussie.

    Wake up and get a Mortgage.

  • PLEASE PLEASE send Tom so we can watch!!!!

  • Zach, first you imply that the Chinese guys who sold their cart to the El Rey people were weak and intimidated by Rafiqi’s without ever asking them for the actual story behind their sale of the cart and location. Now you allow straight-up racist remarks from Rudy McBagel against East Asians once again. For someone who loves Chinese Food (and other foods from the region), this is somewhat paradoxical, wouldn’t you say?

    Assuming Rudy is Irish (given his ML handle), I’m sure he wouldn’t like it if we started calling Irish people Micks in a post about Blarney Stone or some Irish Pub. And I’m also sure he wouldn’t like it if we called him a red-headed monkey (which I guess I just did).

  • w00t! I’ve getting sponsored

  • Micks is ok….jesus wept…..so is frog for french…kraut for german…yank for colonials………you really should travel a little…whom REALLY find it offensice…you…or the people implied?….

    Stop going to lower management liability meetings and get a proper job.

  • •If you drop your fork, do not pick it up. You will be using a fork that will be handed to you by an official. (Dropping your fork will result in lost time, so please be careful.)

    HAHA wise words, I hate when dropped forks cuts into my eating time

  • @Waiting for Baja Fresh – Agreed. Let’s cool it on the ethnic slurs. (And by “cool it” I mean stop entirely, not reduce.)

    (But I still don’t think there was anything wrong with what I wrote about the udon cart. Most of what I wrote was either reporting facts, or quoting the lady in the Mexican cart. Oops- sorry. Is it wrong to call the cart Mexican?)

  • As a rule of thumb, how fast should one eat a ‘walk’ plate, competitively? I love GoGo, but I usually try to savor the flavor.

  • Maybe you should travel less and get an education instead. I would recommend particularly in American History, where you will learn that both of the names you used (chink/jap) come from particularly racist and intolerant periods of our nation’s past.

    It appears that one of your premises is that it is okay to use those names because the people implied use it to refer to themselves. But that is a mistake, for I know of no Chinese or Japanese American who would ever refer to themselves in that manner.

    Since you apparently ‘travel’ so much more than I do, it is a lot easier for me to understand why other countries hate American tourists so much.

  • but im not………………..fuckit.

    selfrightous gobshyte.

  • This is possibly the dumbest comment thread I have read on this site.

    I am so excited about Tom though! Sweeeeeeeeeet…

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