Go Go Curry Update: 2nd Anniversary Means $5 Curry; Pro Eater Destroys Lerman’s Time

Cinco de Mayo is $5 day at Go Go Curry
Last year’s sign still applies

Tomorrow (5/5) is Go Go Curry’s 2nd Anniversary, so if you’re looking to have a Japanese Cinco de Mayo head to 38th btw. 7+8th where all Small, Medium and Large orders of curry (with any topping) are only $5.  (They’re kind of obsessed with the number 5.)  And while we’re on the topic of Go Go Curry, there are still 4 more opportunities to qualify for their big Eating Championship, happening on May 30th.  Retired professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman looked to be unstoppable with his qualifying time of 1:00 (to eat two Small orders of curry.)

But since then, 2 eaters have beat his time… including one who did it so quick you are just not going to believe it.

2 small orders of curry… in 37 seconds. That is ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how that physically would work.  It seems to defy the laws of science.

Those who were hoping that Lerman would be bested by an average Joe will be disappointed to hear the time was turned in by “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti, also a professional eater.  You can follow the whole thing over at EatFeats, which has a comment from Gentleman Joe, as well as a blog response from Lerman (apparently the two are bitter rivals?)

It’s become clear though, whether you think this competition is ruined by the presence of pros or not, the final is looking like it is going to be quite the showdown.

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  • Bet moses threw his toys outa the buggy after hearing that.

  • Pic of baby at OTB.. inexplicable obsession with Competitive Eating…

    Zach, time to sign up with Gamblers Anonymous

  • Wow—-I want video….I must find it!

  • Don moses lerman is the greatest human being on the face of the earth. He is not only a super individual but a super eater .Moses is great Moses is great All ingrates say Moses is great !

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