Don Lerman’s Go Go Curry Speed Eating Video Surfaces

Yesterday we reported that (retired) professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman has entered the Go Go Curry Eating Championship with an amazing preliminary qualifying time of one minute. Today, Lunch’er Lydia informed us in the comments that there is video proof of Lerman’s time. And folks… it is ugly.

If you were considering entering the competition, thinking it would be a fun way to show your friends how much you could eat (and possibly win $500 for doing it) this video might make you reconsider. Some might say Lerman’s presence puts a damper on the whole competition… after all who is going to want to enter knowing they are going to lose to a pro eater. But I look at it a different way. No matter how much you love basketball, you are never going to get to go one on one with LeBron James. But if you love to eat, this is your chance to go toe to toe with one of the greats! And who knows… maybe there will be a Buster Douglas moment.

The very intimidating video is after the jump…

Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition
Don “Moses” Lerman Sets High Bar at Go Go Curry Competition


  • ‘Competitive eating’

    Jesus wept.

  • If I could stomach curry, I’d enter…and use my hands. Who needs forks or other utensils….Not that I could beat Moses, but it would be fun for me to see if I could be Christ for a day….

  • that aint curry

  • so…it looks the same going in as well as coming out?

  • Matsui homered today in NY = Free topping tomorrow

  • Did we ever get Goats his free Indian lunch somewhere with Matthew the “no thai then ate thai and liked it” guy?

    Oh, and japanese curry indian curry thai curry british curry (and etc)

  • to goat, the contest rules requires the use of a fork, dont know if you were being sarcastic or not

  • I call B.S.
    Did anyone else see that editing cut made halfway through his first order? If he finished it in under a minute, why couldn’t they just play it unedited?
    There is clearly a conspiracy between Go-Go and Lerman where they pay him $100 to eat in an edited video designed to scare off other competitors (which it clearly did) so they don’t have to fork out the $500 prize money.
    I’ll take that fool down…

  • seriously. there’s still rice in the first one.

  • They had to edit it to fit in the 5 minutes of stellar graphics in the intro. Just disappointed they didn’t use a star wipe.

  • I have great respect for Don Lerman but seriously pros should not be allowed to participate in an event meant to be for mere mortals. It completely takes the fun out of the event. Would you want to compete against lebron james in Basketball for a prize? sure to say you did but do you have a chance of winning? no way in hell!

    i think don should be able to participate as a celebrity or pro bracket and have the regular customers/participants in a seperate category. Truly unfair.

  • What was ugly or intimidating about that video?

    I am intimately familiar with the reality of competitive eating and it’s dark side (my wife once was a competitive eater several years ago — she no longer competes).

    Contests like this one can often be rigged and are done for promotional purposes only. I am sure Lerman was paid lots more than $100 bucks. If not, that’s pathetic. Its also pathetic that he stoops to “compete” in them.

    By the way, my wife could have EASILY beaten the 1 minute mark in this endeavor. It really would have been no contest. Even now, with her being out of shape, she would have wiped his ass. SHould that interest you.

  • Does anyone know if that asian guy who comes every 5th at around 9pm is going to participate? I see him at Go Go every 5th close to closing. He always orders a grandslam and eats alone and finishes it in less than 5 minutes and walks out. Sometimes he even orders extra toppings. I’ve been going to Go Go for months and he ALWAYS comes every 5th around closing time. anyone know who this guy is? I think he can for sure beat Don. A grandslam with extra topping in under 5 minutes is a more impressive feat than 2 walks in 1 minute.

  • I’m no longer a pro nor did I get an compensation I do this for fun and trophies only,and i also eat the grand slam ever week in less than 5 min for pleasure

  • pro or not. still an ex pro. took the fun out of the event. I will no longer participate.

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