Don “Moses” Lerman Sets High Bar at Go Go Curry Competition

If you were interested in entering the Go Go Curry eating contest, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is: only 10 people have entered over the course of 3 preliminary rounds.  The bad news?  The time to beat is 1 minute… and it was set by Don “Moses” Lerman, a professional eater you may recognize from past Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competitions.  One thing though- I was under the impression Go Go Curry’s event would be off limits to professionals since it is not an officially sanctioned IFOCE competition.  What gives?

I checked in with our resident competitive eating expert “Crazy Legs” Conti, who cleared up the brewing controversy.

“Don has been retired for several years, gained weight, lost his dentures, tried to sell his dentures on Ebay, and I believe turned 60 two days ago. If he is setting curry records he is certainly within his rights to do so, but it does seem like something out of The Watchmen. “Retired super stomach returns to the scene of the crime” sort of thing. That being said, he is one of the all time greats and belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the Stomach. If Don is Go Go Currying no one will catch him. Also, no one should get downwind of him either.”

Two small orders of rice and curry doesn’t seem like much… but one minute!?!  Versus a former competitve eating champion? Clearly the gauntlet has been dropped. All the times are being posted to the Go Go Curry website.

Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition
Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er “Crazy Legs” Conti


  • As the ML sponsored eater, I’m feeling the pressure. If my pre-prelim practice time isn’t up to snuff, you may need a new torch bearer.

  • You will suck it up, you pansy! I will kick you to sleep if you back out of this!

  • Whoa, no way I’m backing out! If I can’t make a competitive time in practice, there is jsut no sense in going to the prelims. I have enormous capacity, but I don’t know how I’ll fare for speed. I will give it my all, and Zach might even make a video of it.

  • Muhaha im second!

  • You can’t F**K with Lerman. He’s a champ!

    All I have to say is this:

    7 quarter-pound sticks, salted butter, 5 minutes

    F’ing amazing—and SOOOOO NASTY! When will they have another Glutton Bowl!!!!????? BEST SHOW EVER ON TV!!!!! (aside from Kobiyashi trying to out eat the bear in man vs. animal)

  • Eat the curry

  • IT’ aint curry…it pooh.

  • So, I witnessed Don Lerman eating the two bowls of Go Go Curry… I not only threw up a little in my mouth, but I was astounded by his eating ability. After he downed the 2 bowls in 1 minute, he proceeded to order ANOTHER bowl of Go Go Curry, this time with pork. And I believe he could have eaten more. Wow.

  • WHat kind of technique did Don use? did he just shovel the entire thing of rice in his mouth? or did he actually scoop up the rice / curry?

    man this is such a discouragement for all the average joes out there to compete against a professional or even an ex professional eater

  • I was going to compete….but damn..

  • It’s really a contest for second place at this point

  • Check out the video!! I’m in it at the last second

  • Oh man, he can pack it in! We’re screwed! haa! But it will be fun to watch.

  • Do this at Tad’s.

    Free wine to the winner.

  • It’s official: I suck. The first plate took me around 1:10, and when I saw my time I said forget it. There is no way I can compete on speed. I went on to finish my other plate at a leisurely pace, and got a brownie from treats truck on my walk of shame back to the office. It was especially sad since Kim hadn’t made the mexican hot chocolate this morning.

  • It’s never good when you get castrated by curry. Just remember, bigger men have been taken down by curry. At least you tried!

    So anyone else what to give it a go?

  • I have my nephew bring me curry everyday from Go!GO! Curry, I’m practicing everyday if i have to qualify again I’ll Beat my own time by at least 15 seconds, I;m not in this just to tip my hat and wave to the crowd , if i didn’t think I could win I’d stay home , you ain’t seen nothing yet ..and thats for the record!

  • Not so fast. RETRIED 7 years ???. What crap he was in Nathan’s as soon as 3 years ago. this makes this contest open season for real pros. Not ones who eat for a PR firm . and Don is not the fastest and he knows it

  • active eaters should not be allowed to enter and Lerman was not eating at Nathans 3 years ago that a false statement

  • @Marvin – I don’t think active eaters are allowed to enter… he supposedly is “retired” (kind of lame if you ask me!)

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