Don “Moses” Lerman Sets High Bar at Go Go Curry Competition

If you were interested in entering the Go Go Curry eating contest, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is: only 10 people have entered over the course of 3 preliminary rounds.  The bad news?  The time to beat is 1 minute… and it was set by Don “Moses” Lerman, a professional eater you may recognize from past Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competitions.  One thing though- I was under the impression Go Go Curry’s event would be off limits to professionals since it is not an officially sanctioned IFOCE competition.  What gives?

I checked in with our resident competitive eating expert “Crazy Legs” Conti, who cleared up the brewing controversy.

“Don has been retired for several years, gained weight, lost his dentures, tried to sell his dentures on Ebay, and I believe turned 60 two days ago. If he is setting curry records he is certainly within his rights to do so, but it does seem like something out of The Watchmen. “Retired super stomach returns to the scene of the crime” sort of thing. That being said, he is one of the all time greats and belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the Stomach. If Don is Go Go Currying no one will catch him. Also, no one should get downwind of him either.”

Two small orders of rice and curry doesn’t seem like much… but one minute!?!  Versus a former competitve eating champion? Clearly the gauntlet has been dropped. All the times are being posted to the Go Go Curry website.

Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition
Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er “Crazy Legs” Conti


  • paul porkslap is an active and a host of aice eaters are coming down ,lets have the rule committee make a judgment

  • these eating organizations ruin every contest they touch let them and their l eaters stay home

  • I think his last contest was like 3 yrs ago in which he fell flat on his face doing some kinda jalapenos. He is nothing but an old fool. He looks good for a minute or so shoveling down a bunch of food but when the clock reads 8-10 minutes he hits the wall like a rubber ball. Wait till the final . His entire mouth will be stuffed with debris ready to heave ho and thats for the record

  • Lerman has been retired for a few years now but is not a has been he was given a lifetime award at Coney 3 years ago but did not compete th active eaters will spoil the contest they should be shown the door

  • If aice eaters are allowed to compete it will ruin the entire contest. They are pathetic fools that have to stick their two cents into every advertised eating challenge in NYC.I suggest you stay the fuck home and let Lerman have his day in the sun.

  • I find it fascinating that the shea still have a mental hold on their former members. If you note on Don Lerman website post for the curry challenge he mentions that he thinks it might be ok to compete in the contest stressing the fact that he is no longer contractually binded to the ifoce. Why even mention it unless you want them to read it so they wont be angry at you for competing . Is that the reason? Or is is paranoia? I cannot believe that someone who is retired and done with the ifoce still felt that he had some moral ties to the organization all this time. Is that real loyalty or fear that they might take him to court for breach of a contract that was never real to begin with? I would bet 100-1 that if they wished him a happy 60th birthday he would not have competed in the curry competition claiming that his health is bad or his teeth have not been installed yet.

  • get the hell out of here; the baked bean video on don lerman’s website is sick. he was just holding back in that gogocurry tryouts video thing. he will kill it.

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