Amateurs Complain That Pro Eater is Ruining Go Go Curry Contest

The complaints have been pouring in since it was reported that retired professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman has entered the Go Go Curry Eating Championship. His preliminary time (to eat 2 small portions of curry with rice) was an amazing one minute, and a lot of competitors are already getting discouraged.  After all, what are the chances a layman is going to beat Lerman.  (Pro competitive eaters are banned from entering any events unsanctioned by the IOCE.)

In fact, Midtown Lunch’er Tom- who agreed to be our representative in the competition, backed out half way through his “training”. The video, plus Go Go Curry’s response to the complaints, is after the jump…

Disclaimer: Don’t let his skinniness fool you. This guy can put it down (Mamacita will attest to that.) Plus this was his first attempt at speed eating. It starts about 15 seconds in.

I applaud Tom for his effort. He is clearly more of a marathon runner, than a sprinter. (In fact he went on to finish the second plate at his own leisure, and then hit up the Treats Truck.) But the real question becomes: How many more Tom’s are out there? How many folks are going to get discouraged by Lerman’s presence. I asked Go Go Curry for a comment, and this was their response:

“Yes Don is competing I think. But the second place qualifier, Mingjian Chu, was only 12 second behind. So in the first round, there is not much a difference. This is our first time doing this, so we want to try it out and see how it works! We did not even think that a former eating champion would join us to be honest with you. lol

We would like to make this a true “World Championship” where maybe the NY champion goes to TOKYO to compete against the Japanese champion or the Japanese Champion will visit NY! Who knows?
Go Go Curry eventually will be opening in different countries, so we can make this a real World Championship! Yeah! Again thank you so much for your support!!”

So, despite what some possible competitors may have thought initially, it clearly doesn’t sound like a casual competition anymore.


  • If it was proper curry….@ 1 am saturday morning on Brick Lane(the real one)….id win.

  • I agree with Rudy– I always eat faster/more when I’m drunk. Maybe Tom should try again when he’s drunk.

  • I’ve done the 1AM brick lane curry thing. It was followed by a 4AM beigel.

  • …in london?

  • yes, brick lane as in the street in london.

    not the restaurant in new york named after it.

  • This guy isn’t trying!!!! WEAKKKK performance. It’s not hard to shovel food into your mouth as fast as you can!!! Seems like the entrants are a bunch of whiney prisses who don’t want to get their shirts dirty (not that they’d win if they went all out, but still….)

    I’ve competed in many unsanctioned events (25 white castles in 40 min—barfing at 19.5), 1 slice of pizza in one bite, whole kielbasa speed eating contests, etc. AUCE sushi eating 43 pieces 2 rolls….) and attended several IFOCE events as a spectator. As I said, I would not expect any of these amateurs to take out Moses but at least they should be bringing their A GAME, and really making an effort!


    Don should drop out of the final for the spirit of the game. Hes already gained enough publicity from this. Let the average joes have some fun.

  • @ The hard part wasn’t getting the curry in my mouth, by making room in my mouth for more. But since you sound much better at this than I am, you should do it!

  • Tom….ok tin-ribs don’t get all uppity.

  • ^^^
    also please ignore the eleven-teen typos in that

  • Hah, I know I sucked. That was really meant to be more encouraging to goats then snarky, but snarky it was.

  • Tom can eat, trust me. He’s never done “speed eating” so Goats give him a break Ok?

    One plate in one minute is impressive to me, but the bar has been raised and we’ll need a new leader in this challenge. The obvious choice is Goats. Now will you agree to be sponsored? Please?

  • ,Lerman could have done much better had he joined Aice instead, he wasn’t treated right, he reminds me of a pitcher throwing a no hitter and the manager takes him out of the game in the last inning to avoid any glory he may have had , let lerman have his due he deserves it

  • Wtf was that stuff you were eating, Tom? I think somebody already ate it. I have seen you eat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than that. Disappointment ensues.

  • Bar review?….im sat with a naan tikka sarnie and a nice cold sancere….where me fave wanna be mexican reviews?

  • I *think* Goats has said he does not eat curry….

  • Goats is treading on thin ice. Tom is mine to tease and make fun of!

  • @Rudy, you’re not allowed to drink it if you can’t spell it correctly – Sancerre. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Guys-First off, I think Moses deserves to get his due. While he may have an unfair advantage as a former pro, there were no stipulations barring him, so he deserves his prize. I used to watch him (as well as Crazy Legs, who gave me a high 5 after the first contest i saw years ago!) at Coney Island before the hot dog eating contest blew up to what it is now….He is a champ in my book. Back in the day, I had the pleasure of eating Nathans with a bunch of Hungry Charles Hardy’s co-workers as well, and got some great stories on what he ate regularly at work (25 bagels with cream cheese for breakfast I was told). These guys are my eating heroes!

    That being said, nothing would make me prouder than entering a speed eating contest repping Midtown Lunch (my ability to do quantity sucks at this point in my life)….but Goats doesn’t do curry ever, unless you want a “Roman Incident” on camera….and when I mean on camera, I mean ALL OVER IT…I joined IFOCE yrs ago, but realized I didn’t stand a chance quantity wise….and I’m way too lazy to train to improve my intake.

  • Moses was a competitve eater?…..why didn’t he get the loaves and fishes gig?

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