Amateurs Complain That Pro Eater is Ruining Go Go Curry Contest

The complaints have been pouring in since it was reported that retired professional eater Don “Moses” Lerman has entered the Go Go Curry Eating Championship. His preliminary time (to eat 2 small portions of curry with rice) was an amazing one minute, and a lot of competitors are already getting discouraged.  After all, what are the chances a layman is going to beat Lerman.  (Pro competitive eaters are banned from entering any events unsanctioned by the IOCE.)

In fact, Midtown Lunch’er Tom- who agreed to be our representative in the competition, backed out half way through his “training”. The video, plus Go Go Curry’s response to the complaints, is after the jump…

Disclaimer: Don’t let his skinniness fool you. This guy can put it down (Mamacita will attest to that.) Plus this was his first attempt at speed eating. It starts about 15 seconds in.

I applaud Tom for his effort. He is clearly more of a marathon runner, than a sprinter. (In fact he went on to finish the second plate at his own leisure, and then hit up the Treats Truck.) But the real question becomes: How many more Tom’s are out there? How many folks are going to get discouraged by Lerman’s presence. I asked Go Go Curry for a comment, and this was their response:

“Yes Don is competing I think. But the second place qualifier, Mingjian Chu, was only 12 second behind. So in the first round, there is not much a difference. This is our first time doing this, so we want to try it out and see how it works! We did not even think that a former eating champion would join us to be honest with you. lol

We would like to make this a true “World Championship” where maybe the NY champion goes to TOKYO to compete against the Japanese champion or the Japanese Champion will visit NY! Who knows?
Go Go Curry eventually will be opening in different countries, so we can make this a real World Championship! Yeah! Again thank you so much for your support!!”

So, despite what some possible competitors may have thought initially, it clearly doesn’t sound like a casual competition anymore.


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