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Big Gay Ice Cream Explains Why They Avoided Midtown

Since they launched back in 2009, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hasn’t spent much time in Midtown, and in this week’s episode of the Food is the New Rock podcast (featuring our own Zach Brooks) they explain why: it was the Mister Softee mafia that kept them away.  They also talk about the time they were shaken down by elite Yelpers, and even the Midtown Lunch commenters get mentioned! (Zach and the guys kind of agreed, you guys are evil.)  Download or stream the episode for free on iTunes>>

Photo courtesy of Donny Tsang

Last Chance For Kelvin Slush & Salty Pimp: Neither Kelvin Slush nor the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck spend much time in Midtown, but both are closing for the winter at the end of this week- so a special trek south might be in order. Kelvin Slush can usually be found on 22nd and 5th, BGICT on B'way & 17th. (Both are on the ML Twitter Tracker if you want to double check.)

Midtown Cleans Up at the NYC Wine & Food Fest

Biryani Cart

Another fun filled New York City Wine & Food Festival has come and gone, and we were lucky enough to attend the ‘Carts in the Parc’ event, held this past Sunday. Over 15 vendors were present, including Midtown mainstays, Biryani Cart, Eddie’s Pizza Truck, Jamaican Dutchy, Le Gamin, NYC Cravings, Schnitzel & Things, Sweet Streets, Wafels and Dinges, and the Treats Truck.

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Another Sign of Summer: Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Returneth


Late last week one of New York City’s favorite trucks, Big Gay Ice Cream tweeted that they would be returning soon, and now we have confirmation! Next Thursday, April 1st, it will be choinkwiches and Nutella sandwiches galore. No word though on where the first spot will be, but there is an open one very close to my office. Last season they had no trouble parking in Midtown at night, but never seem to find a spot that “worked” during the day.  Be sure to keep an eye on the MLTwitter Tracker for this one.

Twitter Tracker Brings Ice Cream Success: The newly launched Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker has its first official success story!  Yesterday it helped lead Blondie and Brownie to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, which "has been hitting midtown in the evening hours of late."