Another Sign of Summer: Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Returneth


Late last week one of New York City’s favorite trucks, Big Gay Ice Cream tweeted that they would be returning soon, and now we have confirmation! Next Thursday, April 1st, it will be choinkwiches and Nutella sandwiches galore. No word though on where the first spot will be, but there is an open one very close to my office. Last season they had no trouble parking in Midtown at night, but never seem to find a spot that “worked” during the day.  Be sure to keep an eye on the MLTwitter Tracker for this one.


  • I’m neither big nor gay or own a truck, but I make my own ice cream.

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    I though Union Square worked just fine during the day! Come back to us, BGICT!

  • since this is Midtown Lunch, he should come to midtown.

  • BGICT should consider definitiely doing MIDTOWN during the day. :)

    Ah, I want a choinkwich!!!

  • I have a question:

    Before my next visit to MidTown, what is the acceptable protocol involved in visiting the ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’?

    I mean, since I am ‘straight’ — just ask my lovely, VERY feminine, highly-educated, wealthy wife — and since I abhor ANYONE who wants to dally with my ‘privates’, I need to know THREE things:

    (1) If I stand in line for an ice cream treat, will my beautiful body be endangered in any way?

    (2) Will I be approached by someone who wants to LICK my ice cream (or whatever)`?

    (3) Will I be compromised by anyone taking ‘foodie’ photos of me while I am slurping down my ‘foodie’ ice cream?

    I mean, inquiring minds want (no, REALLY NEED) to know about these things in New Yawk City.

    We Southern Boy Scouts (who are now licensed to pack heat) REALLY need to ‘Be Prepared’ — if you get my drift.

    Carrion, please.

    • Forget to take your meds today chuck?

      • Sorry, ‘Wellerfan’, which “meds” might those be, since my only med is single malt Tobermory?

        But, of course, I understand that you don’t have a clue as to that which I am referencing.

        When you mature, and when you escape the cubicle world — get back to me.

        I may, if I am in the proper mood, direct you towards a REAL life — if you could handle it.

        But, I doubt it.

        So, carrion on, ‘wellerfan’ and enjoy your ‘life.’

    • This is where someone interjects and notes that there are numerous psychology studies regarding gender and that uber masculine acting men or uber feminine acting women tend to be not as well adjusted in social interactions and are prone to more personality disorders and unstable social networks . . . however, I think that goes without saying here.

    • Please tell me threatening homophobic violence is enough to finally get him banned

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        I second that. This isn’t exactly a site for serious discourse, but I’m so tired of his ponderous rants of ignorance and bigotry.

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        Yes, please! It’s one thing when he’s your run of the mill Internet troll spouting nonsense, but homophobic violence HAS to be crossing a line.

      • I think he has pulled a lot of crap like this before, and no action is ever taken except – on rare occasion – posts of his are removed.

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    Also Daisey Mae BBQ cart is back at 6th and 50th

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      Blogs covering the same subject (food in NYC) are bound to share similar news. ML has always had announcements about what’s going on food-wise.

    • that article is from Sept. This post is simply saying he’s back from winter hiatus. The various ice cream trucks were featured regularly on ML last summer as well.

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        I’m referring specifically to the sharing of media. The pic is from another blog whose author happens to write for this blog as well. I know it doesn’t really matter – I just get kind of annoyed when bloggers with multiple affiliations reuse content. Now that this blog is run by many individuals who have their own respective blogs, my fear is that this site will become a compilation of material from those other blogs.

  • But I wasn’t reusing content, I was simply reusing a (very popular) photo for lack of a new one.

  • DocChuck has such an inferiority complex it’s hilarious.

  • just reading through these comments and all i know about this photo is it makes me want to put a big gooey bite of chocolate and bacon in my mouth, lactose intolerance be darned!!

    miss softee

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