Big Gay Ice Cream Explains Why They Avoided Midtown

Since they launched back in 2009, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hasn’t spent much time in Midtown, and in this week’s episode of the Food is the New Rock podcast (featuring our own Zach Brooks) they explain why: it was the Mister Softee mafia that kept them away. ¬†They also talk about the time they were shaken down by elite Yelpers, and even the Midtown Lunch commenters get mentioned! (Zach and the guys kind of agreed, you guys are evil.) ¬†Download or stream the episode for free on iTunes>>

Photo courtesy of Donny Tsang


  • I’m not evil, I’m…..I’m…..misunderstood. Yeah.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream puts the leftovers from the US Army’s “gay bomb” experiment ingredients in their ice cream, causing the male customers to lust after man-butts and it loosens-up their brain to high prices.

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