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Celebrate Tri-Trip’s Birthday with $1 Sandwiches at Grand Central

Tri-Trip Grill has been open in Grand Central Terminal for four years now. And to celebrate their birthday, they will be offering their Little Buck tri-tip sandwiches today only starting at noon for just $1. Chips and soda can be added for just $3.25. The deal is only available at the GCT location and only while supplies last. Plus I can imagine lines, so I’d start heading to Grand Central right about now!

Chick-Fil-A Announces Their Second Location in Midtown

Most of you may be thinking “What New York needs is more fried chicken sandwiches, more food chains, and more waiting in line.” Well, you are in luck because Gothamist reported yesterday that Chick-Fil-A will be opening thier second location in Midtown this spring. It will be on 46th and 6th less than ten blocks away from its Herald Square location on 37th and 6th. Perhaps this will mean the first location will have less of a line situation, but I somehow doubt it.

The Flying Pig Jianbing Truck Does One Thing and Does It Well

Last week I stumbled upon a bright yellow truck without much signage and no line parked on 52nd between 6th and 7th Avenue. It’s called The Flying Pig Jianbing and it was difficult to find a menu because they only do one thing.

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You Can Finally Take Ramen to Go from Kuro-Obi in UrbanSpace

One of my biggest issues with ramen places like Ippudo and Totto Ramen is that they never let me take the food to go. No doggie bags and no to go orders. So to experience one of those places at prime time, you had no choice but to wait in line and sit at their bar and who has time for that??

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Pokeworks Is Not Worth the Line, But What Is?

Zach would be proud. Or maybe horrified. When he lived here, he always lamented the fact that we had very little (if any) options for Hawaiian poké. Well now, just a few years later, we have find ourselves in full-on poké hysteria.

After the opening of Sons of Thunder, there are now a handful of restaurants and fast food joints around the city specializing in the stuff. And there are more on the horizon. One of those new spots is in the heart of Midtown and has become very popular. Very, very popular.

I’ve walked by Pokéworks a handful of times around lunch, often hoping to grab some food, only to discover a line out the door and down the street rivaling the one at nearby Chick-Fil-A. Who are these people that wait in giant queues for fast food and raw fish??

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A New Ippudo Concept Replaces No. 7 Veggie in UrbanSpace Vanderbilt

It is definitely ramen season and there’s even more exciting slurpworthy news. Last week Eater announced that Kuro-Obi, a second concept from the Ippudo team, will be replacing the No. 7 Veggie stand at UrbanSpace. The corner booth was always designed as a temporary pop-up and the same will probably be true with the new ramen stall.

The specialty here will be ramens made with a “tori paitan” base which is a creamy chicken broth. There will be add-ons like Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, basil, and thick-cut bacon. And unlike at other Ippudo locations, you can take the soups to-go here.

This is actually the second location of Kuro-Obi, the first being in Times Square’s City Kitchen. It is due to open sometime this week and when I stopped by over the weekend, the stall looked finished and ready to go. Let’s get to slurping!