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Pokeworks Is Not Worth the Line, But What Is?

Zach would be proud. Or maybe horrified. When he lived here, he always lamented the fact that we had very little (if any) options for Hawaiian poké. Well now, just a few years later, we have find ourselves in full-on poké hysteria.

After the opening of Sons of Thunder, there are now a handful of restaurants and fast food joints around the city specializing in the stuff. And there are more on the horizon. One of those new spots is in the heart of Midtown and has become very popular. Very, very popular.

I’ve walked by Pokéworks a handful of times around lunch, often hoping to grab some food, only to discover a line out the door and down the street rivaling the one at nearby Chick-Fil-A. Who are these people that wait in giant queues for fast food and raw fish??

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Amazingly, Midtown Now Has a Second Poke Restaurant

Last month, I was super stoked to discover Sons of Thunder was serving Hawaiian poke in addition to burgers and chicken sandwiches. Over the weekend, I walked by a brand new spot called Pokéworks. It’s a company from California that just opened a location on West 37th Street last week. Are the trendy fried chicken sandwiches being replaced by raw marinated fish??

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