PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Shannon”

Every Tuesday we turn over the site to a different Midtown Lunch’er for his or her recommendations for the best lunch in Midtown. This week it’s Shannon, a professional philanthropist who likes stuffing her face with hot dogs.

Name: Shannon

Age: 25+

Occupation: PR and Events Manager

Where in Midtown do you Work?: Philanthropic Foundation on Park Avenue

Favorite Kind of Food: Gnocchi, hot dogs, french fries and good sourdough bread. But not together.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Frisee lettuce. It should be a garnish, not a base for a salad.

Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch in Midtown: Arepas with fried egg, cheese and avocado at Tick Tock Diner (35th and 8th); Gruyere and caramelized onion sandwich at ‘wichcraft (47th between Park and Lexington); the sushi lunch special from Asian Station (on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd), and of course, a cod schnitzel sandwich with sriracha sauce from the Schnitzel Truck

“Go-To” Lunch Place You and Your Coworkers Eat at Too Often? Eddie’s Pizza Truck on Thursdays on 52nd between Park and Lexington. We cannot resist getting pizza from them. French fries from Five Guys. Also, breakfast from the Eggstravaganza cart on the corner of 52nd and Park – their wraps and egg sandwiches are one of my greatest weaknesses on a rough morning.

Place(s) you discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch? Too many to name, but most recently, Papa Perrones (on 55th btw. Mad+Park).

If you could work anywhere (just because of the lunch) where would it be and why? Florence, Italy to eat lunch every day at Trattoria Mario’s, where lunch specials change daily, and you can have soup, entrée and the best simple Italian bread for the same price you can get a mediocre sandwich at a Deli in NYC.

Is there anything you’d like to ask the Midtown Lunch readers? I am looking for a kosher hot dog eating contest to compete in. Please send suggestions or links!

Want to be next week’s Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er (or know somebody you’d like to nominate), email


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