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You know what was completely lost in yesterday’s MomoMadness Lucy’s Cantina Royale (aka Lucy’s Mexican Cantina) opened Wednesday on 34th Street and 8th Ave.  Anybody check it out?  I’m still thinking the menu might be a tad bit too expensive to be a Midtown Lunch, but I’m willing to keep an open mind and check it out.  They actually invited me to have lunch there today, on the house, but you know I don’t roll like that.

I will, however, accept free food on behalf of my readers!

I floated the idea to Lucy’s, and they agreed to give one Midtown Lunch reader a $50 gift certificate to the newly opened restaurant.  All you have to do is post your favorite burrito of all time (ingredients or location or both) in the comments below, and you’re entered to win.  The gift certificate will be good for an entire year, but hopefully you’ll use it soon- because we want a full report! Good luck freeloaders.  (A winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday at Noon.)


  • I’d have to say Cosmic Cantina’s Old School Deluxe Vegetarian Burriito, circa 2003. A great overall burrito for NY with a really good tortilla, which is important. Plus they’d give you a gallon (literally) of Tecate with it for $15 on Wednesday and Saturdays. I used to eat it three or four times a week back then. Unfortunately, the place really took a turn for the worst a few years ago and all their items suffered.

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    Jalepenos in Santa Cruz, CA. Their Chicken Mole burrito is my ideal of everything that is tasty in burritodom.

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    Anna’s Taqueria in Boston. Super steak burrito with melted cheese, lettuce, sour cream, EXTRA GUACAMOLE. With chips and a mexican soda.

  • I envy all of you who’ve been to California and enjoyed burritos there.

    As for me, the best burrito I’ve ever had comes from the Mexican grocery with the green awning, just off of 30th Ave. is Astoria. I don’t recall the name of the place, but the burritos blew my mind. (The green awning part is important – It’s not the Mexican grocery store with the blue awning that’s actually *on* 30th Ave.)

  • I’m nostalgic for the Mystical Frisco from the long lost Burritoville on 9th ave!

  • My favorite burrito of all time is from Baja Burrito in (of all places) Nashville, TN. Mmmmmmmm fish burrito…..

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    Never had a burrito that blew me away but I remember visiting some part of mexico when I was younger and had some pretty awesome tacos. The ingredients were really fresh and I’m pretty sure I had cow brain or something.

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    The dessert burrito at Mad 4 Mex in West Philly is the best!

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    The best burrito I ever had was 10 years ago in the Mission in SF, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the place was called.

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    Bean and cheese burrito (beautiful in its simplicity) with salsa from Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, CA

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    I’ve never really met a burrito I didn’t like, but I do love Portland burrito from Papacitos in Greenpoint BK. Who wouldn’t like tater tots IN their breakfast burrito???

  • Ta Cocina on 9th (the take out, not the full restaurant) has great burritos. Can’t figure out why people still go to the chains!!

  • I enjoy the carnitas burritos at El Paso Taqueria with all the salsas on 103rd stop. However, nothing beats the ones made by the grandmas back in Texas.

  • I love the ones at Cinegual (3rd and 40, I think?). Delish!

  • StreetMezzon should be disqualified for naming (*ugh*) Chipotle! My best burrito (timeliness may affect this) is the carne asada I had a few weeks back in SF at Tacqueria Cancun. Burritoville used to be OK (I did like the Bob Marley) and much better than sh!tpotle. ANd there were probably som ebetter burritos I’ve had way back when, like a hatch chile-covered breakfast burrito in New Mexico way back when.

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    i’m cool with pretty much any kind of meat, no beans, and TONS of cilantro…corn and tomato salsa is key.

    also a fan of adding some mangos, and of course I love spicy :)

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    Gotta be my one and only West Coast burrito. Enjoyed while watching the sea lions and overlooking Alctraz in San Francisco. Nothing fancy in terms of ingredients (rice, beans, chicken, salsa, etc), but man was that an awesome burrito.

  • Chile Relleno burrito from Anita’s, a counter in the back of Jonsey’s Liqour Store, Santa Paula, CA. True to my Southern CA roots, rice doesn’t belong in a burrito. So good.

    @Jeff, ever have Oki Dog in California? Sort of like the Pink’s monstrosity you describe.

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    The Chili Burrito at Bomber’s Burrito Bar on Lark Street in Albany. I moved away almost 4 years ago and I still fantasize about that place…. If I still had a car I’d make a daytrip there just for the tofu fries.

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    Wow, lots of these are coming from CA – no surprise. My fave is at Tommy’s Salsa in Novato, CA. Order the Brontosaurus burrito with braised chicken and extra salsa. The salsas are made fresh several times a day. La Hacienda Taqueria, also in Novato, has a banging wet burrito. Get the grilled steak, an extra fork, and bring a friend (or two). Best NY burritos are from my kitchen, tell the truth. But maybe Lucy’s can be a contenda?

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