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Photos courtesy of the Lucy’s website

You know what was completely lost in yesterday’s MomoMadness Lucy’s Cantina Royale (aka Lucy’s Mexican Cantina) opened Wednesday on 34th Street and 8th Ave.  Anybody check it out?  I’m still thinking the menu might be a tad bit too expensive to be a Midtown Lunch, but I’m willing to keep an open mind and check it out.  They actually invited me to have lunch there today, on the house, but you know I don’t roll like that.

I will, however, accept free food on behalf of my readers!

I floated the idea to Lucy’s, and they agreed to give one Midtown Lunch reader a $50 gift certificate to the newly opened restaurant.  All you have to do is post your favorite burrito of all time (ingredients or location or both) in the comments below, and you’re entered to win.  The gift certificate will be good for an entire year, but hopefully you’ll use it soon- because we want a full report! Good luck freeloaders.  (A winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday at Noon.)


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    I’m a sucker for a queso burrito from Qdoba…sad but true. 90% of the time the buy one get one free coupon gets me…every time.

  • Does Korean bbq count? It’s kind of like an Asian burrito… If so, love the spicy pork at Wonjo… Otherwise, I have to say, *meh* to most of the burritos I’ve had…sadly… Guess that’s what I get for living in NYC–my brief visit to LA showed me the East Coast has nothing on the Southwest…

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    I love Nuevo Mexico in Brooklyn–their pork burritos are great.

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    Whenever I’m in Atlanta, I always stop at Willy’s for a burrito–it was the local Chipotle predecessor, and it’s still just a bit better, fuller-spiced, meaty and delicious. My favorite thing to do is eat it out of the wrap with their tortilla chips. Oh man. Willy’s.

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    Favorite is also an Indian burrito: the Chennai Kati roll from the Biryani cart! However if it has to be Mexican, Maz Mezcal on the UES has great burritos.

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    The Monster Burrito on Black Mountain Road in San Diego. I forget what it’s called exaclty, but it’s SOO GOOD!

  • Jerk Chicken Good Burrito from the one and only Benny’s Burritos. Yum

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    Even tho its so commercialized, I still love Chipotle’s burritos, there is something about the fact that they are as big as a small toddler, and I think they have amazing guacamole! I usually go for the chicken with rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese and guac. Haven’t had one in forever tho, but its making me hungry!

    Maybe the next time I will say, a burrito from Lucy’s!

  • Nobody for Freebirds? This Texas chain is my favorite for burritos.

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    My first Baja Fresh burrito-maybe 10 years ago. Changed my life.

  • does it compare to baja fresh in nyc? i actually just placed my order online at baja fresh to pickup at 1245 (1441 b’way)…first time at baja, hope its delish!

  • Best burrito I ever had was a mission-style one from Pancho Villa in San Fran…

  • Hand down… “Best Burrito” was in Chelsea (farm fresh) San Francisco style

    Yucatan pork stew burrito with Pinto beans, Whole Grain rice, White onion/cilantro, and House Hot Sauce Wrapped in a White/whole Wheat/spinach Tomato or Jalapeño Flour Tortilla

    Followed by the ancho chile devil’s food cake. –Heavenly!!

  • i had an amazing burrito in mexico last year….i can still taste it.

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    Tacos Y Salsa in Denver – their roast pork was outstanding.

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    Calexico burrito carne asada

  • back from baja fresh, have to say, not bad…for the freeloaders…they have free taco’s…assuming one per person from what i could tell ($3 value)…not sure ending time or how it works though, but when i picked up my online order they just keep giving them out

  • Uncle Moes Burrito & Taco Shop!!!! Its on 19th & 5th and pretty much does not suck in any way at all.

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