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I Guess Lucy’s Isn’t Serious Eats: The SENY crew hit up the one week old Lucy's Cantina Royale (on 34th and 8th) the other day and, to put it nicely, completely fucking hated the place in every way possible. Ouch. I think I'll reserve judgment until we hear back from our winner, but it's not looking good.

Win Lunch from Lucy’s Mexican Cantina

Photos courtesy of the Lucy’s website

You know what was completely lost in yesterday’s MomoMadness Lucy’s Cantina Royale (aka Lucy’s Mexican Cantina) opened Wednesday on 34th Street and 8th Ave.  Anybody check it out?  I’m still thinking the menu might be a tad bit too expensive to be a Midtown Lunch, but I’m willing to keep an open mind and check it out.  They actually invited me to have lunch there today, on the house, but you know I don’t roll like that.

I will, however, accept free food on behalf of my readers!

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New Mexican Spot Opens in Midtown Tomorrow

Grub Street has the scoop on Lucy’s Mexican Cantina, a new restaurant opening at 1 Penn Plaza (on 34th and 8th Ave.) tomorrow.  From the looks of the photos and the menu, Lucy’s is probably a the tiniest bit too upscale to be a proper Midtown Lunch, but who knows.  If it’s the greatest place of all time, it might be worth the extra few bucks.