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You know what was completely lost in yesterday’s MomoMadness Lucy’s Cantina Royale (aka Lucy’s Mexican Cantina) opened Wednesday on 34th Street and 8th Ave.  Anybody check it out?  I’m still thinking the menu might be a tad bit too expensive to be a Midtown Lunch, but I’m willing to keep an open mind and check it out.  They actually invited me to have lunch there today, on the house, but you know I don’t roll like that.

I will, however, accept free food on behalf of my readers!

I floated the idea to Lucy’s, and they agreed to give one Midtown Lunch reader a $50 gift certificate to the newly opened restaurant.  All you have to do is post your favorite burrito of all time (ingredients or location or both) in the comments below, and you’re entered to win.  The gift certificate will be good for an entire year, but hopefully you’ll use it soon- because we want a full report! Good luck freeloaders.  (A winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday at Noon.)


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    how about a “Burro Oaxaqueno” (grilled skirt steak, guacamole, red rice & black beans) from El Centro (824 9th ave at West 54th Street) with their delicious Roasted Pork Pozole (White Hominy Stew With Avocado & Radish)?

  • I just ate it last weekend. It was a glorious pork burrito from Calexico in Bklyn. I loved it because the rice wasn’t overwhelming and the array of salsas were amazing. The pork was *so* tender.

    And now I’m hungry for lunch.

  • Ha…funny that Anna’s Taqueria is getting love on here. My brother raves about that place.

  • I’m also going to go with Annas Taqueria’s rice beans cheese burrito(yes I KNOW THEIR RICE HAS CHICKEN STOCK IN IT) with guac. And guac on the side.

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    This is tough.Probably Papa Chano’s in Sand City, Ca – best carnitas I’ve ever had. This was about 10 years ago. Maybe tied with a chicken mole burrito from a restaurant in Santa Barbara I don’t remember the name of.

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    Dessert Burrito:

    Banana, glazed pecans, caramel, coconut, chocolate sauce wrapped in a crepe.

    My kitchen.

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    Sante Fe Burrito at Mi Nidito. ww tortilla, rice, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheese, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots. mmmmmmmmm.

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    love the chipotle burritos but can’t beat albertaco’s (socal) – both the carne asada and california burrito – it has fries in it!

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    I go for tacos in NY over burritos. More complex flavor, less filler. Favorite burrito has to be the green chili burrito from a truck stand in Taos. Green chilis and pork with real refried beans. Never had anything like it on the East Coast.

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    I like the Pampano Taqueria burrito in Brooklyn.

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    Best i ever had was in the Mission in SF late one night many years ago. Never found the place again…

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    I don’t know if this counts, but the Breafast Burrito from Flemingo Cage in Key West is phenomenal. It’s packed with flavor and freshness. You can really taste the sausage and the several different kinds of peppers in it. The salsa and the quacamole to go with it are also fantastic.

  • Well I’ll tell you:

    Albuquerque, NM. The Frontier Restaurant. Fronteir burrito, stuffed with beans, beef and green chile, smothered in green chile stew and cheddar.

    I have tried a thousand times to recreate this. It just can’t be done.

  • Anyone who says Chipotle should be automatically disqualified. It goes against the basic core of this site. Just sayin’ :-P

  • El Pelon in Boston. Huge Burrito, including the infamous sweet plantains. Great seasoning, cheap prices. Place burned down last year though.

  • Hello Anna’s Taqueria!! It’s been a long time but I like their chicken burritos with rice and beans and anything else they can squeeze into the tortilla.

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    I’m going to put down–for the benefit of any Southern California types–Naugles. Not because it was my favorite, but because I have fond memories of going to the drive-thru at the one on Atlantic in the middle of the night during undergrad days. Macho combo! (Here in town, I’m on a Zaragoza Mexican Grocery kick lately.)

  • Best Burrito— Outside of a Grateful Dead Concert, circa 1985.. A tourhead, with a wicker basket full of burritos… Shouting “Veggie Burritos, $1.00″… They consisted of beans, cheese, rice and eau de hippie. Good times and good burritos… :-)

  • any burrito works for me, as long as there’s some stewed pork in there and maybe steak too… mmm…

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