Midtown Has 12 out of 82 Most Notable NYC Burgers

Cheeseburger, Carnegie John's, Midtown NYCI completely dropped the ball on this one (thanks to Apikoros for pointing it out in the forums), and completely neglected one of the more interesting parts of last week’s New York Magazine’s Cheap Eats issue: their online only list of 82 Most Notable Hamburgers in New York City. I counted 12 of them in Midtown (although admittedly there may have been more): Bar Americain, Beacon, Burger Joint, Carnegie John’s, City Burger, DB Bistro Moderne, Five Guys, Flip, Good Burger, La Cense Burger Truck, Pop Burger, and Prime Burger.  Props to NYMag for including Carnegie John’s, but La Cense?  Too soon my friends.  Too soon.  See the complete list here>>

Burger Joint Offers Early Bird Special Thru Thursday


  • Didn’t mean to call you out Zach—- My office mates and I viewed all 82 burgers yesterday… It might be the greatest food porn slide show I have ever seen. Ever.

  • Unfortunately only about half of these fit into the Midtown Lunch budget…

  • Here’s my ranking for the ones I’ve been to.

    Carnegie John’s
    Burger Joint
    Five Guys
    Pop Burger

    I agree. It’s too early for Le Cense.

    I want to try Bar Americain. I’m hoping to head out to Bobby’s Burger Palace pretty soon. It’s out east (Smithhaven???).

    I’ve never heard of DB Bistro Moderne.

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    is la cense or carnegie john’s open on the weekend?

  • yea i saw this slideshow last monday. wasn’t impressed. not a luther burger in sight.

    @harry, i hope that was a joke about db bistro moderne. that burger is legendary. and five guys totally trumps goodburger on price and taste. :P

  • I still need to try Carnegie John’s burger. I had Burger Joint today and it was alright overall. Fries definitely not worth it (Mcdonalds is much better and cheaper than 3.50). I should’ve just eaten burger only but really wanted fries.

    Five Guys, Pop Burger and Burger Joint are WAY better than Good Booger. Good Booger is overcharging for their slop. I almost feel the same way about Burger Joint on price but at least their burger is decent and I wasn’t as disappointed.

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