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File This Under “Who Knew?”: We've never been huge fans of the burgers from La Cense Burger Truck, but Serious Eats hit them up the other day and discovered that the truck is now serving philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and apparently they're delicious.

La Cense Burger Truck is Back!?: On the ML Twitter Tracker today...Papa Perrone is taking the day off today, but NYC Cravings is on 53rd, Eddie's Pizza Truck is on 52nd, Schnitzel & Things is on 48th with veal, Wafels and Dinges is on 46th, and the La Cense Burger Truck reveals the surprising news that they are returning.

Beginning of the Vendor Backlash: My Case Against the La Cense Burger Truck

The overhyped by the press, but underwhelming from a food standpoint, La Cense Burger Truck announced on Twitter yesterday that they’d be hibernating until Spring. Winter is traditionally a slower time for street food sales, but for most vendors it’s still worth coming to work (as long as you don’t sell ice cream.) So why is La Cense closing up shop? Who knows for sure, but I say good riddance. I know it’s mean, but I feel compelled to be against any street vendor that simply seems to be using their truck for marketing purposes. After the initial lines, the demand for La Cense seemed to die off pretty quickly. But they can afford to stay on the street whether they make money or not because they’re owned by a large mail-order company, who in my estimation is just using the truck to promote their line of gourmet beef. And, sadly, it’s worked. Despite the mixed reviews by the public, they’ve been included in tons of street vendor trend pieces.

So why does this bother me so much?

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Your First Look At (And My Humble Suggestions For) The New La Cense Burger Truck


Big surprise!  It’s day one for the La Cense Burger Truck and by 12:15pm the line was already around the corner of 48th Street, and down Park Ave.  Clearly Midtown Lunchers love the idea of eating a burger from a truck, although if that was completely true the Steak Truck (just one block away) would have a similar line.  (It doesn’t.)  I guess people love the idea of eating burger from a truck made from grass fed beef!

I bypassed the PR lady escorting other bloggers directly to their free burgers, and waited in line to pay for mine like a regular customer.  Your first look at the thing is after the jump…

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BREAKING: La Cense Burger Truck Has Arrived: This just in... The La Cense Burger Truck has been spotted setting up on 48th and Park, and plans to be open for business today from 11am to 3pm.  Early adopters, feel free to report back in the comments. (Although considering this is their first time trying to park in Midtown, you might want to check their Twitter for any updates.)

La Cense Burger Truck Rolling Out This Week?

Grub Street is reporting that the La Cense Burger Truck (featuring “all-natural, grass-fed Angus steakburgers at $7 a pop”) will debut at the end of this week on 46th and Park. I’m excited to try a quality hamburger off a truck, but for $7 these things better be damn good.  There are no shortage of decent burgers in Midtown for under $7, and the truck gimmick will only take you so far in my eyes.  Also, 46th & Park is a prime location.  Prediction: Magdy’s Philly Cheesesteak Cart is going to be very unhappy.  It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out.  Can’t wait to try it…

More on the La Cense Burger Truck

More on the La Cense Burger Truck

Following in the footsteps of Time Out New York’s Feed Blog…  Thrillist, Citysearch’s The Feedbag, and New York Magazine have all filed reports about this new La Cense Burger Truck coming to Midtown sometime in the next week later in the month.  With all this PR, I’m starting to wonder if this truck is about bringing tasty burgers to Midtown Lunchers or about raising brand awareness for La Cense’s Montana bred beef (after all, NYC is the biggest food media city in the country.) We’ll wait to see if they park outside of Conde Nast before issuing judgment.

A few other important tidbits of important info I didn’t mention in the first post… the burgers will be made entirely from grass fed beef, and will be served topped with carmelized onions on a sesame seed bun for $7. And if you were wondering exactly what Adam Perry Lang’s (from Daisy May’s BBQ) role in all of this is, he created the burger recipe and the method of preperation.  It definitely could be good…