La Cense Burger Truck Rolling Out This Week?

Grub Street is reporting that the La Cense Burger Truck (featuring “all-natural, grass-fed Angus steakburgers at $7 a pop”) will debut at the end of this week on 46th and Park. I’m excited to try a quality hamburger off a truck, but for $7 these things better be damn good.  There are no shortage of decent burgers in Midtown for under $7, and the truck gimmick will only take you so far in my eyes.  Also, 46th & Park is a prime location.  Prediction: Magdy’s Philly Cheesesteak Cart is going to be very unhappy.  It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out.  Can’t wait to try it…

More on the La Cense Burger Truck


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