BREAKING: La Cense Burger Truck Has Arrived

This just in… The La Cense Burger Truck has been spotted setting up on 48th and Park, and plans to be open for business today from 11am to 3pm.  Early adopters, feel free to report back in the comments. (Although considering this is their first time trying to park in Midtown, you might want to check their Twitter for any updates.)


  • just went. there were 7 peeps ahead of me and it took 10 mins, you can do the math.

    7 bucks only gets you a burger… but a damn good one. this is what i think of when i get a burger craving. cheese is $0.50 more, but let’s not kid ourselves, you’re gonna spend that extra $0.50 every time.

    pickle is also $0.50. not as crispy as i like, but good and flavorful.

    chips are $1.00. I think they are normal Kettle chips. I wouldn’t know, though, because when I got to my desk and opened the bag THERE WERE NO CHIPS!!! (yes I paid).

    lack of chips aside, this is the best burger i’ve had in midtown east (not like they had much competition…)

  • sir eats-a-lot what other places have you tried? Any comparisons you can make?

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    just went.. but didn’t get anything because the line was too long… after hearing that 7ppl = 10 mins.. and seeing that there were 20+ in line…

    in any case… fyi.. be prepared for long lines

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    7 dollars gets you a burger with grilled onions. It was pretty good. Definitely a different flavor since this is a ‘steakburger’ and not a hamburger. Not what I would put in the same category as my burger cravings which are for the much softer and fattier ground chuck.

    You also get a frequent buyer card and 10 burgers = a free one.

  • i was thinking about that earlier, Formz. I’m not sure what I’d directly compare it to, but it’s on Shake Shack level at least, though this burger wasn’t as gussied up. they’re apples and oranges. I’ve also been to burger joint, five guys, good burger. This kinda felt more wholesome, if you will.

    i had something similar from Desmond’s in Murray hill, but that was super greasy and made me sick to my stomach (just like hanging out in Murray Hill! zing!)

  • I went there around 11:30, the line was just starting though it slowed down and was fairly long by the time I left. It seems like they had a batch of cheeseburgers ready, but special orders (no cheese or no onion) were waiting quite a while. The first day is going to be tough, especially with all the Twitter followers and ML readers showing up at once. Hopefully they can speed up the process, although it’s going to by constrained by physics at some point, if we want freshly grilled meat.

    Foodwise, it was a pretty good steakburger. I don’t think we’re that badly underserved for burgers around here, with Burger Heaven, Prime Burger, GoodBurger, Five Guys, etc. likely to be within lunch distance for many people. Personally, I prefer the thin, greasy, condiment-laden “Shake Shack” style to the more pure “steakburger” experience, but as far as I’m concerned it’s not fair to compare across these categories since they are, effectively, two different sandwiches. I enjoyed it and I’ll be back if they are able to stay in the neighborhood. (Hopefully XPL is classy enough not to threaten to slash their tires or burn their truck)

    Also, the pickle was really good. Oddly mushy, but nice flavor.

    And I took a picture, perhaps slightly gross after I had a bite.

  • Once I put the first bite of burger in my mouth I didn’t mind that I waited 30-mins+. The burger itself was cooked a nice medium on a soft sesame bun with melty cheese and grilled onions. With the pickle a grand total of $8. Easy menu: Burger $7, Cheese .50, Pickle .50, Chips $1, and bottled water. Seriously, I don’t eat a whole ton of burgers as I’m picky.. and this was totally worth it. I welcomed them to mid-town, and the guy running the front said he used to run the Daisy May BBQ truck! Nice bit of info. Oh, and there’s a punchcard, too, buy 10 get 1 free.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  • I went. Simple menu. Burger, w/cheese?, pickle, Kettle chips, water.

    I got it all. I got there at 12:05 and got my food 35 minutes later. The line was probably 40 minutes long when I left. They have one guy cooking and one guy serving.

    The burger was EXCELLENT. Nice size. Appropriately greasy. The meat is fresh tasting. The grilled onions and sesame seed bun put it over the top. I loved it, though I am almost never willing to wait in long lines for anything. I say it’s a must visit if you can.

    Funny ML story. The people behind me were talking about ML and reading it on their blackberries while waiting. They wondered if there was a ML iPhone app. That’s a great idea.

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    I didn’t think the wait was worth it. It’s a fine burger, but nothing special. My main complaint is that it was overcooked- barely a hit of pink.

  • masto – Are bitten into burgers gross to look at? It’s a great way to see if it’s cooked properly! Oops, am I grossing people out with my avatar, lol.

    Hmmm… sounds good, that looks like a really big burger for $7.

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    I have start by saying I didn’t try a burger today but walked by at 1:30 and saw a huge line…. gotta say that the whole meal would proably run you $10+ which is ALOT for street food! Not sure how long they will last with that pricing…

    I did visit Biryani today for Kati rolls and they were on the money…

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