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Your First Look at Flip Burger in Bloomingdales

Sign Translation: “Fuck You Midtown Lunch’ers Between 12-3:30″  Photo by Robyn Lee

A Hamburger Today was on hand for opening day of the new Flip Burger inside Bloomingdales (on Lexington btw. 59+60th) yesterday, and their report was less than stellar.  I don’t know how fair it is to judge a place on the first day they’re open, but if you’re into burger porn you may want to take a quick look. (Few do it better than Robyn Lee.) I was initially going to give them a chance, despite the prices, but now I don’t feel the need to rush over there. And that douchey sign above is enough to keep me away for now… early adopters/burger aficionados who can’t stay away- feel free to put your opinion in the comments.

Ordering the Kids Meal is the Only Way to Make Flip a Midtown Lunch

Grub Street has your first look at Flip, the new burger joint that is supposed to open today inside of Bloomingdales (on Lex. btw. 59+60th).  They also posted a copy of the menu, and the cheapest burger on there (a plain short rib blend or brisket blend burger) is $12.  Toppings are $2 each (like a fried egg, or bacon), and cheese is $1.  Order one of the signature pre-designed burgers, and it will cost you $16 to $23. The sauces, one free per burger, look pretty damn good though… so I may have to suck it up and drop the $15 to try this place.  There is however, a kids menu where you can get sliders, fries, soda and a cookie for $9.  I wonder how strict they’ll be with the “Ages 10 and Under” rule.  (My baby is under 10 years old, and I’m not afraid to use him!)

Flip Bringing More La Frieda Burgers to Midtown on Monday

TONY is reporting that Flip, the new burger place in Bloomingdales (on 3rd or Lex btw. 59+60th), is set to open on Monday (2/23). It will feature “three different Pat LaFrieda beef blends—hearty (short rib), sweet (brisket) and refined (Wagyu)—With toppings like a fried egg, chili, Canadian bacon, and multiple cheeses.” My heart hopes that these burgers will be under $10, but my brain says there is no way.  And here I was thinking that the black label at City Burger was the last over $10 burger I’d be splurging on (what can I say? I’m a sucker for the fried egg topped burger.) [via Eater]