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Pop Burger Midtown Has Officially Shuttered

Pop Burger, MidtownAlthough Pop Burger (58th St. btw. Mad+5th) garnered some attention from Midtown Lunch in its early days, it dropped off our radar after raising prices and ending the 88 cent burger specials. Despite the restaurant’s isolated location, it seems Pop Burger couldn’t stand up to the competition of burger joints like Shake Shack, Steak N Shake, and Five Guys. Grub street noticed Pop Burger was auctioning its beer tower systems and more, and according to Eater NY, it has since closed.

88 Cent Burger Alert: Looking for a super cheap (and late) lunch?  Pop Burger (on 58th btw. Mad+5th) and 8coupons are doing another one of their Ocho Loco things today.  Text yourself this deal and get Pop Burgers for just 88 cents from 2pm to 6pm today.

Pop Burger Lounge Deal: It's not exactly in the Midtown Lunch price range, but if you like to drink during lunch this deal is pretty damn good... Pop Burger's lounge (on 58th btw. Mad+5th) is now open for lunch and with this coupon you can get 2 orders of Pop Burgers (3 sliders per order), an order of fries, an order of onions rings, and two liquor drinks for just $25.

88 Cent Pop Burger Alert: April 8th means it's time once again for 88 cent Pop Burgers (on 58th btw. Mad+5th) courtesy of 8 Coupons.  The deal is only good this afternoon from 2 to 6:30pm, and you have to text yourself the coupon from here. Bonus... there is also a "free fries with the purchase of a lunch entree" coupon on that same page- good until April 19th.

88 Cent Pop Burger Alert: Pop Burger (on 58th btw. Mad+5th) and 8coupons are doing another of their special deals next Tuesday, 12/8. Text yourself the coupon and get two pop burgers for 88 cents from 2-6:30pm. The whole "after 2pm" thing is kind of lame, but it's still a good deal for burgers that normally cost $7.

88 Cent Burger Reminder: Don't forget today you can get two Pop Burgers (on 58th btw. Mad+5th) for 88 Cents courtesy of 8Coupons. You have to have the coupon texted to your phone, and it's kind of lame that you can only use it between 2-5pm, but whatever. Beggars can't be choosers.

Oh, Well That Explains It: Pop Burger is just raising their prices to pay for the lawyers they'll need to defend themselves against the Campbell's Soup Company.  Well that makes me feel better. [via Eater]

Two Pop Burgers Now $7!!!

Pop Burger Sliders

As if the Gray’s Papaya news wasn’t bad enough… this hit the inbox yesterday afternoon about Pop Burger (on 58th btw. Park+Madison):  ”Not sure when it happened, but the price of the two pop burgers at the 58th street location are up to $7. They also can’t get much more dry. Just not worth it anymore.” With Five Guys Burgers and Fries on 55th btw. 5+6th, I have to say I totally agree. Reminder: When this place opened less than a year ago, two burgers were $5.

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Pop Burger Food Porn May Appear Larger Than It Actually Is

You’ve seen the plywood, the facade, the interior, and the crowd on opening day.  But what about the food?  I have never been to the Chelsea Pop Burger, so this is a new phenomenon for me.  I don’t think ‘Midtown Lunch will never be the same’, but it certainly is an exciting addition.  Why?  Because I love sliders.  If for no other reason than they are fun- and in the end, lunch for me is about one hour of fun in an otherwise busy day at work.

On the other hand, I do see the possible complaints that could arise from the slider situation.  (“Fat man want big burger!”)  Anytime you are asking me to pay more money, for less food, you’ve got to step it up.  Some people do it well (Oms/b), some people- not so much (Yushi).  Pop Burger finds itself somewhere in the middle.

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