Two Pop Burgers Now $7!!!

Pop Burger Sliders

As if the Gray’s Papaya news wasn’t bad enough… this hit the inbox yesterday afternoon about Pop Burger (on 58th btw. Park+Madison):  “Not sure when it happened, but the price of the two pop burgers at the 58th street location are up to $7. They also can’t get much more dry. Just not worth it anymore.” With Five Guys Burgers and Fries on 55th btw. 5+6th, I have to say I totally agree. Reminder: When this place opened less than a year ago, two burgers were $5.

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  • It’s not a mistake that they weren’t represented at the Burger Bash…

  • The prices went up around 2 months ago. They used to have a day menu and a night menu that was more expensive. They are now using the night menu all day (1 menu). They are extremely overpriced, but I still hit it once in a while.

  • At $5 you MIGHT have thrown a fiver at them, ate and thought “That wasn’t a bad chaser for 13 pints of Guinness”. At $6 they sucked more but you were really drunk and didn’t care cause you were hungry and Mamoun’s was too far away. Now they’re charging sober people the drunk price of $7 for those 2 sawdust balls?

    Get the Chapter 11 paperwork ready

  • If only they spent less money on techno music and making the place look like the apple store, we’d have $5 burgers

  • FYI – Five Guys is on 55th

  • @james – fixed the typo. thanks!

  • burgers look yummy and the ice cream van is soo cool!!!! haha………….i want to visit NYC too!

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