Pop Burger Midtown Has Officially Shuttered

Pop Burger, MidtownAlthough Pop Burger (58th St. btw. Mad+5th) garnered some attention from Midtown Lunch in its early days, it dropped off our radar after raising prices and ending the 88 cent burger specials. Despite the restaurant’s isolated location, it seems Pop Burger couldn’t stand up to the competition of burger joints like Shake Shack, Steak N Shake, and Five Guys. Grub street noticed Pop Burger was auctioning its beer tower systems and more, and according to Eater NY, it has since closed.


  • That place would draw a crowd considering the location, but a much better, cheaper deli burger option was a few doors away. I like the food, but I rarely went there because I felt like it was overpriced for sliders.

    • I agree. I went there once because it was the only place I could find, but I was disappointed by the price compared to the low volume of food.

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