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Getting Your 3G iPhone at the Midtown Apple Store Today?

Cart Watch: Indian Food Lady Near the Apple Store

Excuse me. You’re not selling Indian food out of that grocery bag, are you?

This comment was posted on Friday by “Lunch’er Nancy” to my piece about the Ecuadorian lady who sells food out of a grocery cart on 46th btw. 5+6th:

There is a random woman selling homemade Indian food in plastic containers out of a shopping cart on 58th between Madison & 5th… had curry chicken which she serves with roti, remember it being extremely oily but also tasty. She is near the Apple store plaza.

Well, naturally I camped out next to the Apple Store yesterday from 12:30 to 1:30 and not surprisingly there was no sign of this magical sounding lady.

Has anybody else had this food? Is she in a particular spot or does it vary? Does she only come on certain days? And what time can we find her? Please help!  Post as comments, or email to

Pop Burger Food Porn May Appear Larger Than It Actually Is

You’ve seen the plywood, the facade, the interior, and the crowd on opening day.  But what about the food?  I have never been to the Chelsea Pop Burger, so this is a new phenomenon for me.  I don’t think ‘Midtown Lunch will never be the same’, but it certainly is an exciting addition.  Why?  Because I love sliders.  If for no other reason than they are fun- and in the end, lunch for me is about one hour of fun in an otherwise busy day at work.

On the other hand, I do see the possible complaints that could arise from the slider situation.  (“Fat man want big burger!”)  Anytime you are asking me to pay more money, for less food, you’ve got to step it up.  Some people do it well (Oms/b), some people- not so much (Yushi).  Pop Burger finds itself somewhere in the middle.

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Chelsea’s Pop Burger Opening a Massive New Midtown Location


Grub Street has got the early word on the second location of Chelsea’s Pop Burger, set to open on 58th btw. 5th & Madison:

Come September a new outpost — three times the size of the current location [of Pop Burger] â€” will take over all three stories of a building at 14 East 58th Street… with the first floor dedicated to counter service; the second floor serving as a lounge decked out with speakers, projectors, a bar, a D.J. booth, and raw-oak paneling; and the third floor acting as a private party space with pool table. Even more awesome for Midtowners: There will be a massive to-go and delivery operation, complete with online ordering.

A new Goodburger, our very own Five Guys Burgers and now this.  By the end of the year the line at the Parker Meridien should be manageable!  Although by the looks of it, construction just started recently- and I can’t imagine how this 3 story monster is going to be ready in a month and a half.

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