Cart Watch: Indian Food Lady Near the Apple Store

Excuse me. You’re not selling Indian food out of that grocery bag, are you?

This comment was posted on Friday by “Lunch’er Nancy” to my piece about the Ecuadorian lady who sells food out of a grocery cart on 46th btw. 5+6th:

There is a random woman selling homemade Indian food in plastic containers out of a shopping cart on 58th between Madison & 5th… had curry chicken which she serves with roti, remember it being extremely oily but also tasty. She is near the Apple store plaza.

Well, naturally I camped out next to the Apple Store yesterday from 12:30 to 1:30 and not surprisingly there was no sign of this magical sounding lady.

Has anybody else had this food? Is she in a particular spot or does it vary? Does she only come on certain days? And what time can we find her? Please help!  Post as comments, or email to


  • i wish there was a food cart parking garage in midtown or something, where food carts can just go park there and we could have one central location for food carts. all these carts that come and go and come on certain days for certain hours?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    people! i am hungry! stop moving around!

  • I’m going to try to get food from the Ecuadorian woman tomorrow, where exactly on the street is she? And has anyone seen her recently, any help would be great!!!!

  • Max – by typing ‘ecuadorian’ in the ‘search’ box under the word ‘LUNCH’ at the top of the page, I was able to find this link:

  • I’m in the vicinity and will make it a point to cruise that spot each day and report back if she does show up.

  • I walked by 46th between 5th and 6th, and she wasn’t here today. So I went to El Rincon del Sabor, and got the shrimp ceviche, which was delicious!

  • No sign of Indian grub at either 12:15 nor 1:30 on Friday.

    Nancy, we’re talking on 58th (either same side or across from PopBurger), not in the plaza next to the Apple store correct?

  • Today’s Thursday! I woke up today also wishing it were Friday.

    I walked by today around 2 and didn’t see her. I wonder if she’s on vacation? Maybe she doesn’t lug her shopping cart to made-to-order-salad country during the summer heat? When I saw her before it was probably March-ish, but I swear the other customers said she was there every day, and they were all advising me on what she had that day, as friendly regulars would. She was on 58th on the plaza side (across from Pop Burger), right by those “art” vendors.

  • Indian à la cart (shopping)

    Date/Time – Monday July 7th – 12:20PM
    Status – Naan

    Date/Time – Monday July 7th – 13:10PM
    Status – Naan

    For good measure 56th & Mad Atrium

    Obika – space still partitioned off w/heavy adverts. No sign of buffalo droppings (still listed in Next Openings on

  • Tuesday 12:15PM – Nada

  • I might give up and hope for her to resurface in the fall. I walked by today as well…such a mystery.

  • Wednesday 1:25pm – I’m beginning to think she took off with Rolf and the two of them are having a grand ol’ time in Berlin/Beijing/Bumfuck.

    Nancy, please don’t take any offense but by any chance you haven’t eaten any strange looking mushrooms lately, have you?

  • 1:15 MIA

    More importantly Carnegie John’s is AWOL, I almost puked a testicle when I turned the corner and found his spot vacant.

    True, there were some of those small construction dumpsters nearer to the corner and, true, there were some film production trucks/paraphanalia further down the block but his space was open.

    I looked at the other 3 corners no sign of him. I can only hope he tired of the construction debris parade and decided to take some time off.

    I walked back to the office in a daze, hopefully tomorrow all will be right with the world.

    If anyone spots him in a different location please comment, I’ll be monitoring his usually spot daily in the interim.

  • Day two sans John, sans movie production, sans construction dumpsters. I did, however, find a paper sign affixed to a signpost dictating no parking on 7/10 due to filming, let’s hope he just took a 4 day weekend.

  • 12:45 no smelly Delhi…. but John is back!!

    Speaking of consistency:

    there’s still a line on 58th for the iCARETHATEVERYONEELSETHINKSI”MCOOLBYVIRTUEOFWHATIOWN albeit it only stretches as far as FAO today.

    More importantly. Burger Joint is still a good lunch (albeit $11.00)

  • Not today although I believe there may be a rift in the time/space continuum when idiots collide. The iDIOTS line barely turn the corner onto 58th st but there are barriers and such setup for, I assume, the end of the other parade of idiots.

    I hit both ends of that today as I visited Kim to hand in my contest entry. My only regret is she didn’t read it because I really wanted to see her blush….. oh well, I got a peanut butter sandwich orgasm out of the deal so all is not lost.

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