Chelsea’s Pop Burger Opening a Massive New Midtown Location


Grub Street has got the early word on the second location of Chelsea’s Pop Burger, set to open on 58th btw. 5th & Madison:

Come September a new outpost — three times the size of the current location [of Pop Burger] â€” will take over all three stories of a building at 14 East 58th Street… with the first floor dedicated to counter service; the second floor serving as a lounge decked out with speakers, projectors, a bar, a D.J. booth, and raw-oak paneling; and the third floor acting as a private party space with pool table. Even more awesome for Midtowners: There will be a massive to-go and delivery operation, complete with online ordering.

A new Goodburger, our very own Five Guys Burgers and now this.  By the end of the year the line at the Parker Meridien should be manageable!  Although by the looks of it, construction just started recently- and I can’t imagine how this 3 story monster is going to be ready in a month and a half.

A blurry shot of the inside, after the jump…


  • Anyone have an update on when the Goodburger on 45th and 5th will open?

  • what a strange phenomenon…I mean burgers are good but in the end they are just burgers. You would think the current culinary climate would be producing more interesting short order/fast food options, but I guess not.

  • here here, ils vont.

    another bloody burger joint.

    What about and east london mash & pie/eel shop.

  • Has anyone eaten at Pop Burger? How good is it?

  • I wouldn’t call this place a deal since it’s $5 for 2 sliders. If it was 5 sliders for $5 it would be different.

    It must be hard since you are running out of reasonably priced midtown places.

  • I’ve had the burger, nothing to go crazy about. Not bad but not great either.

  • Alicia,

    You can go Crazy with British beef!!! :p

  • So I am a few days late to this post, but they are putting up signs for Johnny Rockets on the corner of 56th and 3rd. Interior is done.

    PJ Clarke’s across the street is also a great place for burger and Fries.

  • I’ve had one of their burgers before and it was pretty good, but it the downtown place is kind of a “scene” restaurant with a loungy feel and loud music and dim lights so I just can’t imagine how it’s going to work in midtown. Granted I went to Pop Burger at night, but still…odd choice.

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