Midtown Links (The “Can Babies Eat Pork Fat?” Edition)

My kid eyeing the new Roast Pig Special from Hing Won (I think that might be chin drool)


  • Oh man, that kid is so damn happy to see that pork belly, even more than zach!! Best photo so far!!!

    (ps.. it is completely acceptable to droll when looking at delicious pork)

  • Agree, bestest Harry picture so far. Does he seem attached to his name? Have you considered “Pork Fat” as a nickname?

  • haha no teeths!!…the fat is prob the only part he can eat.

  • We are lucky to get a picture of that adorable kid on a Thursda!!!

  • Sammich, I see the two incisors in that smile. So perhaps he can bite some off, he could only gum it to death :)

    My girl is 11 months, doesn’t have any molars, and does a good job on pork tenderloin (though we break it up first so she doesn’t choke).

  • Zach, your kid is like Gawkers’ darn cats.

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    RE: Michael Jordan’s — don’t miss the Mac and Cheese. It’s a side order, for $10 it is amazing. When you are there, ask them to bring back the Rosotto. Lost from the menu 5+ years ago, it was the most amazing dish.

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    Harry has killer instincts, all right!

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    I’m loving his love!

  • Ok, is it me or is that not the cutest kid ever?

  • “My kid eyeing the new Roast Pig Special from Hing Won (I think that might be chin drool)”

    Chin drool? Harry’s or Zach’s? :)

  • Introducing babies to crap such as “Roast Pig Special from Hing Won” (even if they DON’T actually eat it) is, in my opinion, one of the reasons that America is rapidly succumbing to the health problems of the third world countries (asia and africa as examples).

    Can’t you New Yawk City folks prepare some decent, healthy food in your apartments — ESPECIALLY when it comes to feeding your children?

    My parents, when raising me and my siblings in Houston, Texas, back in the 1950′s would NEVER have allowed that kind of crap into our home.

  • Sadly they allowed lead based paint in your house, as well as running behind the DDT truck in the summers. Ahh progress.

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    Perhaps if they allowed a book or two into the house you would now know that neither Asia nor Africa are countries.

  • I miss Bossman, come back to work here!! Damn you!!

  • NO, Bossman, but there are one HELL of a lot of third world countries IN asia and africa. Perhaps I could give you a list, but I suspect that you can GOOGLE it for yourself, or am I incorrect?

    Have a good day, Bossman.

  • You expect him to know the difference between a country and a continent when he doesn’t know the difference between a PhD certificate and a summons to appear in court on indecent exposure charges? He has two, mind you.

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