Interview With Owners of New Baja Fresh

The blog Deep Fried Kimchee has posted an interview with the owners of the soon to open Baja Fresh (on Lex btw. 44+45th), where they promise to offer the same quality of food and service Baja Fresh is known for on the west coast.” They also say that all the produce will be “locally grown”, and that there will be an off the menu “dos manos” burrito that is twice the size of a normal burrito (I seem to remember this being a standard menu item at all the Baja Fresh locations in L.A., but maybe they’re making it some sort of secret thing?)  So far so good… and they’re still shooting for a mid-may opening. 

What To Expect From Midtown’s New Baja Fresh
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  • I don’t buy it. But as the honorary Mexican here. I invite Zach and 2 more lunchers to join in on a taste test once they open. Who’s got the cojones to join me??

  • I am SO there for the taste test! Count me in in expandable pants!
    Also, I’m fairly certain the reason El Dos Manos is “off the menu” is because there is NO way Baja Fresh wants to advertise the 5000mg of sodium in that thing. It would put people off!

    Apparently 1/2 the stuff at Baja Fresh is over 1000 calories… doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat there though.. heh heh

  • @beccascope – you are so right!!! in California they don’t have to list the calories… but in NYC they do- hence, the dos manos burrito is off the menu! amazing

  • Sadly, Wayne has a lot of experience with the “dos manos,” I hear.

  • The serendippity that Zen Burger Old place is now serving salt laden trans fat goodness.

    Thank you God.

  • Well, at least Mamacita acknowledges that my burrito is a two-handed monument of meaty goodness

    Might even be 3 if you have small hands, M

  • As somebody who has had Baja Fresh in LA, I’ve got to say it’s not that great. Not sure what the fuss is about. I’d rather see an In n Out in NYC, even though there are tons of burger places here already. If we have to stick to chain Mexican, my vote is for Rubio’s.

    I’m waiting for the day that the Mexican street vendors in Jackson Heights start setting up trucks and stands in the streets of Midtown. I want them to be as ubiquitous as the halal chicken carts. But I think I’ll be waiting an awfully long time.

  • Well, I looked at their website at the Nutrition Information (remember that in NYC they only have to post calories, not fat or sodium) and according to their numbers, the Dos Manos – I looked at both the steak and the chicken – actually has fewer calories than the Ultimo, the Baja, or the Mexicano.

  • When they claim that all of their produce will be locally grown, does that mean that they will have no vegetable toppings all winter long?

  • Er… maybe they meant locally grown by “honorary” mexicans

    Mamacita’s got a flower box full of cilantro that her cat “waters”

  • Oh hush!

    But I gotta say ripe delicious produce is cheaper on the west coast. Keep dreaming if you think you are going to see a self serve salsa bar in NYC rental prices.

  • @mamacita – I am down for a taste test when they open. I have been hoping for a baja fresh in NYC since I moved here. If only I could get a Bahia Don Bravo’s outside of San Diego I would be done.

  • i’d gladly join as well for the test, although i’ve never had baja fresh anywhere.

  • I’d gladly meet Mama for a greasy meat fest.

    Dunno about baja fresh tho.

  • maybe by “locally grown” he just means that it’s local to the place in which its grown.

  • Baja Fresh is the bomb! Can’t wait till they open!

  • well, if it’s ‘local to the place where it’s grown,’ nyc won’t be seeing any avocados….

  • Pretty funny – just saw this on yahoo:

    Baja Fresh
    It’s a surprise Baja Fresh’s menu has yet to collapse under the weight of its own fatty fare. About a third of the items on the menu have more than 1,000 calories, and most of them are spiked with enough sodium to melt a polar icecap. Order the Shrimp Burrito Dos Manos Enchilado-Style, for instance, and you’re looking at 5,130 mg sodium—that’s more than 2 days’ worth in one sitting!

    SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Unless you’re comfortable stuffing 110 grams of fat into your arteries, avoid the nachos at all costs. In fact, avoid almost everything on this menu. The only safe options are the tacos, or a salad topped with salsa verde and served without the belly-busting tortilla bowl.

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