My Prayers Have Been Answered: Midtown Baja Fresh Confirmation


Last October it was just a rumor, but today it is confirmed! Baja Fresh will be opening its first Manhattan location in the old Zen Burger space on Lexington btw. 45+46th. Is Baja Fresh the best Mexican food of all time? Definitely not. I don’t know if East coast Baja Fresh is even as good as the ones on the West Coast (I’ve heard they’re not.) But I do know this… when I lived in L.A. the baja chicken burrito from Baja Fresh was my goto lunch (it alternated with the orange chicken and lo mein combo from Panda Express.) So, a Midtown Baha Fresh means I will never have to even consider eating at Chipotle again.

Now if we can only get a Panda Express, Chick Fil A, In N Out Burger, and El Pollo Loco to follow suit- we’ll be golden!


  • oh my god. oh my god. how did i miss this? it’s right across the street! oh my god. oh my god.

  • Right near my apartment!!!! YAY!!!

  • MMM. Dreaming of Chick Fil A in NYC! That would be dangerous… but oh so good!
    Gotta try this Baja Fresh thang.

  • Green Cactus would be ace.

  • Wow, it’s about time!

    It all depends on the ‘team’ as to whether or not it’s a good location. I have two locations equidistant from my house. One is great, and the other, just average.

  • This is one of the great days in American legal history: I will have a decent lunch option in the east of Grand Central corridor! Jaysus, Mary and the other one!

  • If we could get those all together in one food court, that would be stupendous! Throw in a Hot Dog on a Stick, too, and an Orange Julius!

  • definelty and orange julius and in+out!!! Baja is good news… however, i look forward to seeing the LONG LINES… not sure the concept works in teh city… the ones in Jersey are not the quickest at distributing food.

  • @ inthefoodcourt: I would love to have a hot dog on a stick location near us. I crave their cheese on a stick all of the time!! I am excited about Baja Fresh though, it will have to do until hot dog on a stick comes along =p

  • The East Coast Face off Between in n out and shackshack MUST NEVER be allowed to happen….one would suffer.

    IT would be Akin to Anniston saying”enjoy working on Mr & Mrs .Smith babe”

  • Yeah, an east coast – west coast burger war would not do, someone like Danny Meyer might get shot which would be sad

    as opposed to east-west rap wars, where the more shot the better

  • In addition to Chick-Fil-A needing to come to Midtown, we need MOS Burger! They need to come to the States, and no better place to start than here. Zach, I guarantee you’d love it.

  • Yay! it’s near Grand Central and the 7 train. Who has the best guac – Chipotle or Baja Fresh?

  • Baja’s guac is pretty bad but their salsas are awesome.

  • Amen. But don’t forget about Del Taco…. there is nothing like their Chicken Taco Del Carbon with a bag of their .49 tacos and 10 packets El Scorcho sauce.

  • i’m working on chick-fil-a. i’m an atlanta native and miss the hell out of my morning chicken biscuits. i sent chick-fil-a corporate an e-mail last week trying to figure out what the hell they’re thinking by not having one here (nyu doesn’t count). they responded that they only open 70 new locations a year and that while they do not plan to open in NYC this year, we can rest assured that “NYC is on their radar.” i say we do an online petition. this is bs.

  • I’ve been to Chick-fil-a once in Charleston, SC. It was great. And the drive through cashier’s mom lived in Wantagh, NY right near where I grew up. Small world.

    I’d love to have a Chick-fil-a and an In-n-out burger here. Maybe get me a Denny’s on LI and I can die happy.

  • denny’s is foul… sorry man

  • @Wined & Dined – I’m an Atlanta native too – and am right there with ya on the chicken biscuit thing!

    I read something a while ago that said because Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays (silly Baptists!), they would have a harder time affording the NYC rent prices. One fixed day out of seven with zero sales would be pretty rough.

    I’m still holding out hope though…Send the petition my way!

  • I want that old Zen Burger sign for my wall.

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