Midtown is Getting a Second Baja Fresh!


And the Baja Fresh invasion of New York City continues… thanks to Midtown Lunchers “Michelle” & “Mike” for sending along this great news: coming soon signs just went up for a second Baja Fresh on Broadway btw. 40+41st. in the old Zest space. As for the first Baja Fresh location (in the old Zen Burger space on Lex btw. 45+46th), the official signage went up at the end of last week and they had an open house for prospective employees yesterday… so we are clearly just a few weeks away. UPDATE: Eater is reporting that the Lexington location will open the day after Memorial Day, and the Broadway location will open sometime this fall.

A photo of the new signage on Lex is after the jump…

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “FB”

What To Expect From Midtown’s New Baja Fresh
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  • Wow, really??!?

    Jesus, Zach must have wet his pants at this news ;-P

  • Holler!!!

  • I dunno Zach… two locations now…. This has “shitty chain” with food supplied by the lowest bidder written all over it.

    I’m thinking an industrialized chain-ified version of the fukinese-franchisees-with-a-tortilla-machine shops that dot every other block on 3rd ave

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm homme spa

  • ….think we know how harry will weened onto solid food….

  • New guy is interested if Mamacita actually dreamed about a Geoduck after Wayne put it in her head.

  • Nice right around the block from my office!!

  • new guy refers to himself in the third person….

  • What’s so great about baja fresh? Is it just another chipotle?

  • Zach, you’re site is losing credibility by the second as you continue promoting a place that is destined to fail. There’s nothing exciting about Baja Fresh, it sucks. They charge you an upward of 9$ for a flaccid burrito with mostly rice. And that’s in Jersey, I can’t imagine what they’d do in NY. It’s not going to be like Cali, if anything it’ll be worse than Jersey. Get over it.

  • ^^^ nothing is worse than Jersey… except maybe Long Island city

    (awaiting the shit storm!)

  • @new guy – I’m going to withhold judgement until I try it… all i know is this. When I lived in L.A., the Baja Chicken Burrito (and that is all I ever order from Baja Fresh) was my goto lunch. I had it at least twice a week, and loved it. Is it “real mexican food”? No. Was it the best burrito in L.A.? Obviously not. But it was a good standby, especially if you wanted a burrito but didn’t want to feel super super gross afterwards.

    Now, I have heard that Baja Fresh on the East coast is not nearly as good as the ones on the West Coast… so we’ll wait and see. But I will say this… it beats the shit out of Chipotle and Qdoba. So I welcome them with open arms into Midtown.

  • Touche Zach

  • Mamacita, FYI, the polluted radioactive waters running from NJ to Long Island City have created a perfect breeding ground for geoducks… I saw one from the ferry that was hung like a Shetland pony

  • “I saw one from the ferry that was hung like a Shetland pony” i cant stop laughing wayne…………..

  • D….you had to google shetland pony?

    Are you From Arkansas?

  • There’s that flaccid burrito comment again. someone needs new material

  • yeah… we’ve moved on from flaccid burritos to turgid geoducks

    Freak mutant turgid geoducks that rule the East River and they are all packing like Ron Jeremy

    Run for your lives people … no orifice will be safe

  • Go suck a bag of dicks rudy I’m from Brooklyn.

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