Qdoba To Add 3rd Midtown Location, Sakae & Five Guys Popping Up Elsewhere


According to their website, a 3rd Midtown Qdoba (on 46th btw. Madison & 5th), is coming soon.  I tried the newest one on 53rd St. & 3rd Ave., and I have to say I don’t find it to be that much different then Chipotle (or, as the kids say- “meh”.)  The selection at Qdoba is a little larger, so the chances of finding that one thing you can tolerate is greater- but I ain’t willing to put in that kind of time.  So, if you’re sick of Chipotle, and looking for something new, you’ll probably enjoy Qdoba.  If you hate Chipotle, and are hoping for that burrito savior, I’m guessing this probably won’t be it.  (The Baja Fresh vigil continues…)

While Chipotle expands its Midtown holdings, other Midtown Lunch favorites are branching out.  Five Guys & Sakae news, after the jump…

The Citysearch blog is reporting that Midtown Lunch favorite Five Guys Burgers & Fries will open its second Manhattan outpost this weekend in the West Village.  Eater has got the photos.  This is great news for those of us who get weekend cravings for Five Guys, but wouldn’t be caught dead in Midtown on a Saturday.

And they’re not the only ones setting up shop in the W. Village.  With the conveyor belt on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd barely operational for 3 weeks, Sakae Sushi has it posted on their website that the 2nd NYC Location will be opening in the West Village, at 135 West 3rd Street.

Thanks to Lunch’er Liz for the tips, and as always if you have some info, news, or recommendations, email it to zach@midtownlunch.com


  • Hmm. Sakae better get used to the New York crowd before it starts branching out. As I wrote in my blog, those items which get to the conveyor belt are pretty dull. Maybe the management thinks that New Yorkers won’t be interested in anything more than a cucumber maki, so they don’t want to take the chance of wasting ingredients? But, since any “ordered” item comes directly to the table, the average consumer never gets to see the interesting stuff unless he orders it himself. So I think this needs a bit of work. Please see my review at http://www.annienewman.typepad.com/2008/02/sakae-sushi.html

  • Qdoba tastes the same as Chipotle though according to the nutrition table on the Qdoba website, it’s slightly lighter in calories. Chipotle tastes salter to me.

  • I’m excited to have Qdoba coming to my block! Not because it’s any good, but because it gives me hope that Baja Fresh will be hot on its tail.

  • No, this is terrible news! It’s bad enough having to resist Daddy-O’s fine cheeseburger/tater tots combo, but at least that requires setting foot into a bar which is often overcrowded. With a better actual fast-food burger place available in the Village I am doomed.

  • Baja Fresh is not that great. The only thing they have over Chipotle/Qdoba is the fish tacos.

    The Qdoba marinated beef is tastier than chipotles

  • I practically lived on Qdoba throughout college (in the midwest), since I lived about 1/4 mile from a location. I hadn’t tried Chipotle before, but there is a Chipotle on 44th St., just 2 blocks from my office, and of course it has become a weekly staple for my whole team. In my experience, I have found that the meat at Chipotle is much more flavorful than the meat I remember at Qdoba…

    But I’m also excited about the new Qdoba on 53rd St., which I haven’t tried yet, because of the selection (not just burritos/tacos — Qdoba has quesadillas, nachos and various other creations) as well as the extras that can be added to the standard menu items (Qdoba has things like “queso sauce” and “ranchera sauce”). I’m looking forward to my return Qdoba… if only it were a bit closer to my office.

  • OH and Qdoba also serves ground sirloin… which I really love. I realize that steak is of higher quality than ground beef, but I have always appreciated flavorful ground beef. Just another option… Qdoba just has so many options.

  • I just tried Qdoba for the first time. Really, really bland.

  • Baja Fresh is without a doubt my favourite fast mexican food out there. There is one near me in Lake Success (Nassau County). My girlfriend and I can go there, get 2 drinks, 2 Burrito’s that leave us stuffed and then some, all for under 20 bucks. Their tortilla soup is also great.
    Baja is the reason I can’t eat @ the Chip or Q, the quality is that much better. Baja is midtown would make my year.

  • Preach that gospel, dyno!

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