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Bon Chon Opening 2nd K-Town Location (Kyochon Open For Dinner, Not Lunch)


So Kyochon finally opened their doors for dinner last night, and they will be open again tonight… but they still aren’t open for lunch and don’t expect to be until Friday (their supposedly official “Grand Opening Day”.)  Of course the way things have been going this week, they could surprise everybody by opening tomorrow for lunch or it might be 3 weeks from now!  Either way, they said you might want to call first on Friday just to be safe.  But the fact that they’re open for dinner is a good sign.  In related news, Eater just reported that Bon Chon will be opening another Midtown location on the very same block, in the old Caprese Cafe space.  (I guess they’re not content having a location just a few blocks away.) Could this get any crazier?!?

Lunchers Strike Fear in Kyochon: As of right now Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw 32+33rd) is still not open, and even though they might open later on today they've decided to hold off on opening for lunch until later in the week ("maybe Friday or Saturday"). As disappointing as that is, it's the smart move.  Midtown Lunch'ers can get pretty rowdy on opening day.

Kyochon Opening Delayed. Again. (But Here’s the Menu)


Last night I swung by Kyochon at 7:30ish hoping to find it open. It wasn’t. The two ladies outside said they were still finalizing things and they were a bit non-committal about the official opening. There’s a slim chance it will be ready for lunch today, but dinner sounded more likely. So disappointing.

Still I was able to score a copy of the menu…

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At Lunch Now: Kyochon to Open at 6PM Tonight

You might have read on Friday that the new Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) would be opening today… but not for lunch! This was the scene around Noon, as they scramble to get the place ready for their grand opening which apparently will be happening tonight at 6pm. Anybody free for pandemonium Korean fried chicken lunch tomorrow?

Kyochon Delayed Again

Kyochon Delayed Again?: On Monday we reported that Kyochon would be opening its flagship branch (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) on Wednesday.  On Wednesday the New York Time reported it was opening on Friday.  Now Eater is saying that it's not opening until next week.  I think we'll still walk by today just to double check...

Kyochon Grand Opening Moved to Friday


The long awaited grand opening of the new Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) was supposed to be today… and yet this was the disappointing scene just a few minutes ago.  We know the place is ready to roll (the paper was down on Monday and they were making chicken for a photo shoot), but according to this morning’s New York Times the grand opening date is now March 5th. (That would be Friday.)  Sorry Korean fried chicken fans…you’ll just have to wait two more days.  Pizzacone anybody?

Was That FloFab in the Window of Kyochon?: More news re: the new location of Kyochon, which is opening on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd on Wednesday.  Diner's Journal reports that it's going to be their flagship US location, and it cost $2 million to build! (It also solves the mystery of who was photographing platters of food inside the store yesterday.)

BREAKING: Kyochon to Open on Wednesday

Just walked by the soon to open Midtown Kyochon, on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd, and one of the guys outside said Wednesday was going to be opening day for the famous Korean Fried Chicken chain’s first Manhattan location. There are some serious looking Korean guys in suits inside, and someone is making chicken. (Presumably for the professional photographer taking photos inside.) Naturally there is a lot of commotion outside (remember what happened at the new Bon Chon?)

Want to read more about what we can expect? Zach posted about the L.A. branch a few weeks ago.

Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!
Forget Buffalo Wings, Who’s In the Mood For Some Bon Chon?

Get a Sneak Peak at Kyochon: Midtown's branch of Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) is *still* not open yet, but if you want a look at what we can expect when it does Zach ate at the Los Angeles branch yesterday. Delicious Korean fried chicken + sunshine? I think I speak for everybody here when I say SCREW YOU!

New 38th St. Bon Chon Getting Closer

Felt some major pangs of jealousy this morning reading about the new Downtown location of Bon Chon chicken on John St. As for our Bon Chon (comng soon to 38th btw. 7+8th), somebody in the new Downtown location told me it might be open at the end of this week, if not next week. As for the new branch of Kyochon coming to 5th btw. 32+33rd, the plywood might be down but they don’t plan to open until next month. In the meantime, there is still Mad For Chicken (the spot on 5th Ave. btw. 31+32nd that used to serve Bon Chon) but it’s not exactly fast food.

More Korean Fried Chicken Coming Soon to Midtown & Downtown
Mad For Chicken is So Not a Midtown Lunch… But Damn That is Some Good Chicken