Friday Wait Times at New Bon Chon Topped 2 Hours

The new Midtown location of Bon Chon chicken opened on Thursday after lunch, and all Friday reports made it sound like a complete shitshow. There were a number of lunchers twittering from the scene and Lunch’er Rebecca posted this in the comments: “The wait for food at Bon Chon has been an hour and a half since 1pm. Waited 2 hours for my food. They had many refunds today.” Maybe ordering an hour in advance is the way to go?  Not so fast says Lunch’er “beribboned”.

Phoned in order for my office at 11:45am…was told it’ll take 45mins to 1 hour. SO went to pick up at 12:50…and was told that they were out of everything and it would be another 1 hour…and then also asked if I want to cancel the order! While this was going on, I saw a delivery guy going out to deliver a bunch of bags to Time Warner building while is soooo wrong since they were telling people that they are not delivering until Feb. 1st! It was just ALL WRONG!!!!

Ouch. I’ll be curious to hear if they got their act together over the weekend… but those with short fuses might want to give this place an extra week or two before heading over. It also doesn’t help that Korean fried chicken is a time intensive thing to begin with. At it’s shortest, Mad for Chicken is at least a 30 minute wait, but clearly Bon Chon is trying to speed things up with this location. We’ll see how it goes. The chicken is damn good, but not 2 hours good.

As for whether or not it’s better than Kyochon, we’ll have to wait for their new 5th Ave. location open before doing the ultimate head to head taste test!

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  • I arrived there at 11:35 AM on Friday and walked out at 12:10 with my food. They are a mess and I would definitely give them at least a week. My chicken was good, but I’m waiting 2 weeks to go back

  • The people that deserve the most blame are the idiots that would stand on that line for more than 10 minutes before realizing there’s a problem.

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    I went Thursday night at 6something and there were three people eating there. So if you want chicken, go for dinner and not lunch.

    The chicken was good. But they have some kinks to work out for sure.

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    I went there last night 7:30ish, my order was ready in 10mins and i was out the door by 7:40ish.

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