Lunchers Strike Fear in Kyochon

As of right now Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw 32+33rd) is still not open, and even though they might open later on today they’ve decided to hold off on opening for lunch until later in the week (“maybe Friday or Saturday”). As disappointing as that is, it’s the smart move.  Midtown Lunch’ers can get pretty rowdy on opening day.


  • Rabble rabble rabble!

    Give me Korean chicken or give me death! I think that’s New Hampshire’s motto, could be wrong though.

  • I was just over there–still paper covering all windows. I am not that excited about this place. Their inefficiency and wishwashiness is a prelude of things to come, I am sure. Good businesses are not run on “well, maybe we will open soonish…” I predict this place fails bigtime, regardless of how much initial hype there is.

  • in the mean while, i am gonna get myself a big bucket or box of popeyes chicken.

  • midtown lunchers don’t get rowdy unless there is free food involved…and so far, i don’t hear any mention of free food at all.

  • I think this place is the exact opposite–expensive food that takes forever, and is probably not half as good as people think….

  • i must say it is pertty expensive. 5 wings for $5.99?? that actually sounds retarded.

  • maybe they will have the gimmicky game where you can win more wings when you order like the kyochon in la i visited had…$8.77 for an 8 wing combo was a great deal (too much food).

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      wait… a dollar a wing and that was too much food? how big are these wings?!

      • it was a combo–the big portions of wedge fries, rice, and side (bacon n broccoli) put me over the edge (3 wedge fries left). The wings themselves are pretty average.

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    I’ve been soooo psyched for KyoChon to open so you can imagine my glee when I passed by there last night on my wait to a bar and noticed it open. I immediately went in and got a 5 piece wing order to try it out. The venue is absolutely gorgeous inside. Pristine and very chic. However, the wings were TINY and the order was $5.99 (!) Completely overpriced for the quantity of food received. Plus, the wings were overcooked and the skin was so far from crispy. I’m hoping that this was a soft opening and that explains the sub-par chicken frying. Perhaps, the workers are still just getting used to the machinery and the frying process. As of right now, I’ll save my chicken calories for BonChon. I’ll revisit KyoChon in a few weeks when they’ve got some more practice under their belt!

    P.S. Chicken and beer are a natural combo. Currently, kyochon has NO ALCOHOL!! +1 Mad For Chicken/BonChon/Boka.

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