More Korean Fried Chicken Coming Soon to Midtown & Downtown

bonchon 38th
Thanks to Lunch’er “Rebecca” for the Photo

Bon Chon is returning to Midtown! The Korean fried chicken chain will be opening a new franchise on 38th Street btw. 7+8th in the next few months. Not only will it be exciting to have Bon Chon back (the original Koreatown location became “Mad For Chicken” back in May) but how awesome will it be to have it a bit closer to the heart of Midtown? Now the race is on to see who opens first… the new Bon Chon, or the Kyochon on 32nd and 5th (which has been under construction since the beginning of the year.)

There’s also good news in here for our Downtown Lunch’ers… according to their website Bon Chon will be opening a new Downtown location as well in Mid November. That one will be on John St. near Wall.

Bon Chon is So Not a Midtown Lunch… But Damn That is Some Good Chicken
32nd Street BonChon Changes Name to “Mad For Chicken”


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    When the heck is that Kyochon going to open!? I’m sick of trying to peer through the window covering like a crazy person every time I walk past.

  • Yes! I love when Downtown can get some luv!

  • Bon Chon sucks! Kyochon FTW – I know the one in Midtown isn’t open but the one by my school is :) maybe I’ll have that for dinner tonight, muhahaha.

    Well, maybe I’ll give Bon Chon another try – if they’re open for lunch that is (why wouldn’t they be down here…?)! – but the handful of times I’ve had them, it was terrible :P

  • terrible compared to Kyo Chon is what I meant to say

  • I am sure a lot of you read the new york times article a few years ago on korean fried chicken joints. They voted a joint called UFC the best korean fried chicken even better than bonchon and kyochon and i must agree on this. They opened another UFC location in my town(sorry, it’s in NJ) and wow, it’s more moist and flavorful than chickens from Bonchon and Kyochon. I think their original location is in Queens somewhere.
    now, i gotta try this place called BBQ which is another Korean chicken place.

  • If it’s anything like Mad for Chicken I’m so ready, last time I ate their I think I had about 20 and was licking the box, and this is much closer to my place.

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    ill just have to wait for the post saying one of them is open… and then im off for lunch… and the 10+ block to get there will surely work off the unhealthiness of friend chicken

    unless the koreans know a secret to healthy friend chicken… do they?

  • @ ‘Yvo’:

    I just perused your feisty blog, and I want you to know that I most certainly share your concerns about the Chinatown restaurants in “the Tunnel”.

    Actually, I am terrified of being trapped anywhere near the “Tunnel.”

    But, having said that, why don’t you mosey on down to Texas or North Carolina, or one of the other ‘civilized’ Southern states (AVOID Atlanta, GA and Mobile, AL), and enjoy some REAL fried chicken?


    Because that’s the ONLY place on the planet where you will be able to savor fried chicken as it was meant to be — thanks to all of our wonderful Southern cooks, both black and white!

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    The pickled radishes they serve with the fried chicken negates all fat and calories. It must be true because look at all the skinny koreans who shovel food.

  • DocChuck has forgotten that this website is about obtaining lunch in Midtown NYC. Unsurprising and pathetic.

  • lies doc chuck! Lies I say! Popeyes is right down the road on 26th and LExington, and that is some fine southern fried chicken-very much comaprable to some nice N’awlans chicken places I’ve tried! Even if it was made by Indian people (from India–not Native Americans)!!!!!!!!

  • Hrmm, so is Bon Chon better than MFC? I tried MFC when I was working @ 34th/5th, and while the service sucked so much ass that day, it was freakin good. (Tried the sweeter version b/c my lunch buddy was heat averse.)

  • Oh sure, they come to 38th St AFTER I stop working around the corner. Thanks a lot, Bon Chon. :(

  • Hands down Kyochon has the best korean fried chicken. I too have been waiting forever for it’s opening on 32nd and 5th, but thankfully, there are 2 in Queens!!!

    Speaking of BonChon, you can get unlimited bon chon chicken and beer at Boka!!!
    9 St. Marks Place… yes unlimited! for $20!!!

  • chubby, you get unlimited beer too???? that’s just crazy!

  • Kyedong in Queens settles this argument. It’s only 20 mins on the LIRR and is destination chicken.

  • I walked by there this morning still says “Coming Soon” but it there appeared to be workers inside.

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