You Decide: What’s Good at China Moon?


I don’t know why I decided to eat at China Moon the other day. This Thai/Chinese combo (on 47th btw. Mad+5th) has been around forever, and while I’ve been tempted to try it on a number of occasions I’ve never quite pulled the trigger.  Anytime a restaurant serves up more than one kind of Asian cuisine it’s always a big red flag, but Asian Station turned out to be pretty good, and China Moon just went through some renovations, so I was feeling kind of lucky.


China Moon has only been mentioned in the comments once, by Lunch’er “dombrooks” back in February of last year (that’s 2008 for those of you keeping score at home.)  He only recommended one dish, the triple chili chicken.  That sounded pretty good, and I was all set to order it, but there was one problem.  They didn’t offer it as one of their lunch specials- and I wasn’t about to spend $13 on a single dish at China Moon. Instead we ended up with these three dishes:


General Tso’s Chicken ($7.50 for the lunch special) is always a good standby, and happens to be one of my favorite American Chinese food dishes of all time.  Sadly, this version was just ok.  The first couple bites were tasty enough, but by the end I wasn’t sure I’d ever want to order it again.  Can’t put my finger on the why, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Interestingly enough, there were tons of chilies on the plate, but not really much heat on the chicken.


Not sure why “Three Shredded Meat Banquet Lo Mein” caught my eye, but we ended up with a plate of that as well ($7.95). Despite the menu billing it as a “less greasy” version of lo mein, it turned out to be one of the greasiest versions I’ve ever had. The noodles were kind of mushy (although in its defense, they were described as “softer” on the menu), and the meat was not great. Once again, the first few bites were fine- but I don’t think anybody would want to eat a full plate of this stuff.


Finally we had to try one dish from the Thai menu. Pad thai is usually an industry standard, but we opted for the pad see ew instead. Surprisingly it was the best of the three. Thai food at a Chinese restaurant usually tastes like Chinese food, and this dish was no exception. But this version of pad see ew has an interesting heat to it that made slightly more enjoyable than the other two dishes. Super greasy, and after a few bites I kind of got sick of it (what is it with this place!) but all and all I guess it could have been worse.

So here’s where you guys come in. I hate writing a place off after trying only 3 dishes, especially when it has customers (and China Moon was kind of packed when we left.) But I’m not going to try the whole menu myself (I don’t have the time, or the desire.) So if there is a good lunch special to be had at this place I want to try it. Anybody had a dish that’s worthwhile? Who are all these people eating at China Moon and what do they order?

China Moon, 7 East 47th Street (btw. Mad+5th), 212-207-4787

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    Funny, I was eyeing this place recently and deciding whether or not I should venture in. Yet thanks to your hard work and sacrifice I have decided that I shouldn’t. That’s some of the saddest looking Chinese food I’ve seen in a good while.

  • Mama, no!!!!

    IT’s Ratzo Rizzo….with a hint Godfathers Fredo.

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    Is that a vessel made of glass just out of frame in the Three Dreaded Meat pic?

    What is that strange fabric atop the tables?

    Are those utensils made of some sort of metal?

    Sorry, I thought I was on Midtown Lunch.

  • Are those spring rolls I see on the General Tso’s and Thai noodle dish? Must not even be worth mentioning…

    I would blame the oil they use if you can’t get through an entire entree.

  • Your generic Chinese restaurant. They do have wonton noodle soup, but you might as well go to Hing Won. Or you could just walk a little further to Katsuhama for a pricier lunch.

  • yeah, whoever he is, he doesn’t seem so happy.

  • Ordered in a couple times to the office excercising a very different strategy. I try things that sound like they don’t belong on a generic Chinese menu hoping they might be some hidden authentic concessions to authenticity. I really enjoyed the Winter Melon with Yunan Ham soup.

  • The guy in the foreground looks mad that you took his picture. The pad see “ew” looks blucky.

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    I am going to have to comment more than usual. I will try and help out fellow lunchers. I have been there a few times. But somehow ordering out is cheaper than eating in. I don’t get it either?? But as far as the food goes, I think the have pretty good beef with brocoli and chicken with string beans. As far as either of those combinations go in either direction, they were both good. And not to mention there portions were very nice on the takeout as well. Eating in….. NOT RECOMMENDED!!

  • i had a decent moo goo gae pan.

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    I tried this restaurant today and I am afraid it confirmed the generally low opinion expressed thus far. I ordered the Shanghainese steam dumplings, and the meat was chewy (not in a nice way). I also had their tom yum gai, and the soup was actually sweet – felt like someone spilled sugar in the kitchen. I a guy who usually finishes whatever is in front of him, and I couldn’t this time. Although the service was very attentive and in some ways better than some really nice restaurants I have been to, the bad cooking trump it all.

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    Lunch at China Moon cost me a week in the hospital. No hyperbole. Avoid at all costs.

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