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Papa Perrone Saves Eddie’s Pizza From the Cops… Today

An interesting thing happened on 55th street today that other food truck vendors would be wise to pay attention to.  Because of all the UN madness on the east side, Eddie’s Pizza Truck was forced to find a new spot this morning for their Thursday service. Where did they choose?  55th btw. Park+Mad… right next to the Papa Perrone truck, who also sells pizza.  Naturally, Papa Perrone wasn’t too happy about it, not just because they both sell pizza but because he’s worked hard over the past few years to cultivate a relationship with the building on that block- who in turn have agreed not to complain to the cops, provided that the block doesn’t turn into a food truck parking lot.  So when Eddie’s showed up this morning, Jon Paul (aka “Papa Perrone”) explained the situation, hoping that they would find an alternate spot.  Obviously nobody wants to see a repeat of what happened on 48th Street a few weeks ago.

Eddie’s response?  Kill them with kindness…

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At Lunch Now: Your First Look at Street Meat Pizza

Two quintessential New York foods have finally been combined into a solitary lunch.  (Dreams really do come true!?)  Meet the Street Meat Pizza, brainchild of Eddie’s Pizza Truck in conjunction with Rafiqi’s.  They’re offering chicken, lamb, a combo or half and half (and, just like Rafiqi’s street meat platter- black beans are optional.)  And don’t worry… the hot sauce and white sauce get added last, so you can request it without (or extra!)  The truck has already gotten a ton of pre-orders, but they’re expecting to not run out until at least 1pm- so you still have time.  Call 917-439-7522 to order ahead if you don’t want to wait in line.

UPDATE: Miss Softee just checked in to let us know she tried it before heading to her spot on 44th and 6th.  Her verdict (plus a great looking photo of the pie) is after the jump.

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Eddie’s & Rafiqi’s Team Up to Create Street Meat Pizza

Midtown Lunch is no stranger to the mash up. There was the Famous Halal Guys/100% Vegetarian cart mash up, the chicken tikka sandwich, and the Treats Truck/Miss Softee ice cream sandwich. But this takes things to a completely new level. On Thursday Eddie’s Pizza Truck and Rafiqi’s will team up on 52nd and Park to create… a Street Meat Pizza! We’ll let that sink it for a moment before we let Eddie’s describe exactly what that means.

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Lunch’er Peter Reports: Eddie’s Pizza Truck Turns a Bad Situation Into a Big Win

Last month Blondie gave you a good look at the food from Eddie’s Pizza Truck, but last week Lunch’er Peter checked in to tell us why the food isn’t what makes this truck great…

Similar to the experience of Lunch’er John at Tri Tip Grill recently, I wanted to pass along a positive experience I had at Eddie’s Pizza Truck today.  I called in an order at 12:20pm and was told to come pick it up at 12:45. After arriving a few minutes early to pay and make sure I got my pie hot & right out of the oven, I noticed the guy that takes the pies out struggling with retrieving a pizza from the oven. Sure enough it was my pie that had stuck to the bottom of the oven. After a few minutes of struggling he managed to get it out, slice it and get in a box, but not in great shape.

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Slice on Eddie’s: We weren't the only ones who filed an Eddie's Pizza Truck report yesterday... Adam Kuban also weighed in on Slice, posting his thoughts along with some patented upskirt shots. There was also a lot of complaining about wait times, but it was only Day 2 (and Day 1 was a free pizza day.)  We're guessing that will improve over time.

First Look at the Eddie’s Pizza Truck $10 Lunch Special

Eddie's Pizza Truck

The first day for any anticipated food truck is going to be hard, and the first Midtown lunch for Eddie’s Pizza Truck was no exception. Waits upwards of a hour, a few ordering mishaps, and people ordering numerous large pies for their offices made it even tougher.  But I went, regardless, to get my $10 lunch special deal: a 10″ bar pie with one topping plus a side and a drink. After all, opening night is one thing. Serving the masses in Midtown during lunch is quite another.

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At Lunch Now: Eddie’s Pizza Truck is a Long Wait

This was yesterday… and today isn’t much better.

If you were super excited about trying out the brand new Eddie’s Pizza Truck, you might want to give them a bit more time to get settled.  Yesterday was insanity because they were giving away free pizza, but today hasn’t been much better.  Slice has been twittering from their location in the Flatiron, where the lines have been long, and pizzas are taking just over 30 minutes from the time you order.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck Hits The Streets Today (With Free Pizza)

Eddie’s Pizza Truck Hits The Streets Today (With Free Pizza)

Eddies Pizza Truck
Just a friendly reminder… today’s the day Eddie’s Pizza Truck is finally ready to serve pizza to the hungry masses! I have been highly anticipating this truck for the past few months, maybe it’s my Long Island pride coming through, so I couldn’t wait for the first day of lunch to try their pie. Instead I braved the cold, rain, and street puddles last night to stop by their opening party in Union Square.

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Eddie’s Pizza Truck To Give Out Free Pizza (In Midtown?) Next Thursday

Three months ago we heard that a new pizza truck was going to be hitting the city, and it looks like we’ll finally get to try it out next week. Next Thursday, Eddie’s Pizza Truck will be hitting the streets, and they will be celebrating their opening day with 100 free slices, but of course we need to wait until they tweet out the final location @EddiesPizzaNY. (Although a little birdie told us that if all works out as planned the free pizza day giveaway will in fact be in Midtown.) I may have failed in my attempts to get pizza from their bar in New Hyde Park, but I will succeed in eating pizza off their truck. Promise.

Check out the truck’s menu, after the jump.

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New Pizza Truck Coming Soon

Our favorite pizza site, Slice, broke the news late yesterday that Midtown’s going to get a new pizza truck from Eddie’s in New Hyde Park. What we know: pizza will be made on the truck, pies only, special toppings including the beloved clam, Midtown three days a week, late May debut, and Ed Levine likes them. What we don’t know: how they will stack up to Jiannetto’s, Papa Perrone’s, or Vinny Vincenz. I promise to do some ‘research’ at the brick-and-mortar store and report back when we know more. Until then, check out their Twitter, the true sign that they mean mobile business.