New Pizza Truck Coming Soon

Our favorite pizza site, Slice, broke the news late yesterday that Midtown’s going to get a new pizza truck from Eddie’s in New Hyde Park. What we know: pizza will be made on the truck, pies only, special toppings including the beloved clam, Midtown three days a week, late May debut, and Ed Levine likes them. What we don’t know: how they will stack up to Jiannetto’s, Papa Perrone’s, or Vinny Vincenz. I promise to do some ‘research’ at the brick-and-mortar store and report back when we know more. Until then, check out their Twitter, the true sign that they mean mobile business.


  • Eddies from a truck? I wonder how well this pizza travels. People take it out, so it must be OK, but I’ve always eaten it there, and never take home leftovers because I don’t think they will hold up well.

    The pizza is a very, very thin crust. They are generous with toppings – the Eddies special (sausage, meatball, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers) is hard to pick up as the crust groans under the weight of it all.

    • Susan, apparently they will be making the pizzas on the truck. Word is it is being outfitted with four ovens.

      • When I said “travels” I meant from the truck to where you’re going to eat it.

        Now I’m wondering how long it will take – are they going to be making the pizzas to order?

  • “beloved clam”? In my youth there was a clam pizza from a place calle “The Roadhouse” in staten island, and we’d drive out from bensonhurst just for their pizza. I have yet to find a clam pizza and can’t seem to convince pizzerias to make one.

    Is the “beloved clam” specific to eddie’s / new hyde park, or is there a clam pizza lurking in manhattan/midtown that I’m unfamiliar with?

  • A pizza oven at a true pizza cooking temp would probably immolate a truck…

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    The pizza @ Eddie’s is amazing! So excited to have it come to NYC. I know they ship it all over the country so i would imagine it will hold well once cooked on the truck.

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