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Lunch Links (The “Roast Pig and Roast Pork Are Completely Different Things!” Edition)

Hing Won’s Roast Pig. Photo courtesy of Feisty Foodie

Mamacita’s Halloween Happy Hour Roundup

Image provided by Blondie

For the second year in a row Halloween falls on a weekend. Manhattan is certainly a destination for Halloween revelry and many will be coming to see the Village Parade, but what if you are stuck in Midtown? You’d be surprised to know there are many places to go and enjoy the weekend long festivities. So grab a drink after work and check out these local hangouts offering libations and ghoulish good times.

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Friday Tri Tip Slider Special: Looking for a late lunch? Tri Tip Grill in the Rock Center Concourse started a new Friday only slider special today:  3 sliders, melted cheese, caramelized onions, and your choice of red ranch or horseradish sauce for $7.99.  From the owner: "Cucina and Co does a slider Friday and they do very well-- but ours are tastier (and a better deal.)"  Gauntlet thrown.

Trying Lan Sheng’s Only Under $10 Signature Dish


About a week ago we told you that the Village Voice named Lan Sheng one of the best restaurants in New York. VV listed the Chongqing Braised Fish as a dish to try. So of course I took a gander at the menu and the $24 price tag stopped me dead in my tracks. It was just a tad bit out of the ML budget, even if one wants to splurge a little. Thankfully there was another dish on the signature items section of the menu that did stand out: Stewed Spareribs with Rice Powder (pretty much because it was the only signature item on the menu that’s less than $10!) Of course I had to get in on this action.

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New Dumplings, Free Crisp Gift Card: On the ML Twitter Tracker... Rickshaw is on 50th with peking duck dumplings, and 46th with new kimchee beef dumplings, La Cense is on 47th, Korilla is on 55th, Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd, Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd, Streets Sweets is on 52nd and 58th, and if you buy something at Crisp today and say ""No Trick, Just Treat Please", you'll get a $5 gift cart.

B&B’s Buffet Brings West Africa to the Flatiron

Every Friday our man Ultraclay goes south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.


When I first came across B&B, my initial thought was “I hope they make better soul food than Soul Fixin’s!”  But when I walked in to check it out, I instead discovered African and West Indian food with a pretty random assortment of international flavors. It’s pretty unique to find something like that in my corner of Midtown so I was pretty excited to dive into their buffet. Check it out after the jump.

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Free Whoopie Pie Alert: As much as it pains us to promote UGGs, when free whoopie pies are involved how can we not?!  Starting at 11:30am today the Street Sweets truck will be parked on Madison and 58th, in front of the brand new UGG store, handing out free whoopie pies.  Freeloaders engage.

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Food Trucks Set To Become Just Another Franchise Option?

I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end… today’s Wall Street Journal has an article pointing out that more and more franchises are looking to food trucks as a way to expand their businesses. I didn’t think this needed to be said, but do we really need a Tasti D truck? (Ok, maybe it did need to be said!) In cities with unlimited permits this might not be as big a deal, but New York is limited to 3000 food truck permits. Every truck launched by Tasti D, or Sizzler, or Subway is one less truck available for something unique. Just saying…

Photo courtesy of the OC Register

Apple Cupcake Battle: Fork in the Road pits the apple crumb cupcake from Crumbs (in Grand Central) against the apple-maple crisp cupcake from Robicelli's (available at Lily O'Brien's) and begrudgingly declares Crumbs the winner.