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Manhattan Espresso Cafe’s Secret Doughnut Stash

Manhattan Espresso Cafe in the rain

In Kathy YL Chan‘s definitive guide to finding out of bounds sweets (like Doughnut Plant) in Midtown, she gave us good reason to throw money at Oren’s, Joe The Art of Coffee, and Dean & Deluca. But a few days ago, Lunch’er “Mariposa_3676″ pointed out that Oren’s (on 3rd+50th) canceled their Doughnut Plant order for the week because no one is buying!  (Passover maybe?) She checked out Joe’s in GCT too, but nothing there either. It was a grim day for square-shaped doughnut fiends, until…

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Is Santouka Underrated (or Just in New Jersey)

When Zach discovered the Santouka in Los Angeles, he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t read more about the place while he was still in New York (there is also one at the N.J. branch Mitsuwa.) Always Hungry did a ramen video from there, but didn’t even mention the name Santouka once, and Time Out New York left them off of their list of the Ten Best Bowls of Ramen in NYC (although in fairness I guess it technically isn’t in NYC.) Coincidentally enough, forums diva “Yvo” wrote about Santouka this week on Feisty Foodie, calling the broth amazing.  Why isn’t this place mentioned in the same breath as the East Village ramen royalty more often?  Sure… it’s not Midtown, but we love Mitsuwa, and if you have time for a 2 hour lunch there is a bus from Port Authority that will take you there.

Fancy Viennese Bakery Demel Shutters

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan

According to the Real Deal, the only US outpost of Demel has served its last sachertorte in The Plaza’s underground retail concourse. Pastry aficionados (like my Austrian born great aunt) will be disappointed, but for most MLers it was a bit too pricey and kind of out of the way. Todd English is still supposed to open a European-style “Food Hall” in the concourse this spring, but the Plaza’s Palm Court is cutting their high tea price by $20. Could this all be a sign that the new food court might (or should) have decent ML friendly options? I’m going with probably not, but one can hope.

Free Hot Blends Alert: We've gotten a bunch of reports that the Times Square Jamba Juice (on B'way btw. 47+48th) is giving away free 12oz samples of their new hot blends. According to the Times Square Alliance they'll be there until 3pm. Freeloaders (quickly) engage.

Gyu-Kaku’s Sizzling Hot Bibimbap is Under $10

Gyu-Kaku entrance

I’ve been on the hunt for a quality bulgogi-packed bowl of dolsot (read: sizzling hot) bibimbap in New York since I learned what it was five years ago by eating the Korean rice dish everyday in Australia. (It was cheap/delicious/so hot it hissed/came with bottomless banchan AKA Korean side dishes. I was a student. Cheap, unlimited anything was A+ in my book.) Zach came across a “pretty damn good” non-hot bibimbap at Cafe Amande deli last year, but I’ve been hoping to bump into its “pretty damn good” SIZZLING HOT cousin somewhere in Midtown East (aka outside of Koreatown). For five years, it’s been a fruitless search so imagine my surprise when I noticed a certain $9 lunch special at Gyu-Kaku (on 50th St. btw. 2+3rd) of all places…

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It’s Frites N Meats Day: Finally got some decent weather, and the ML Twitter Tracker reflects it... the Frites N Meats Truck is on 48th with a special burger, Cupcake Stop is on 50th, Street Sweets is on 52nd, and Schnitzel & Things is in the Flatiron after appearing on Sirius/XM this morning.  Papa Perrone is taking the day off.

RIP Subway Location #88134A

Subway on 45th St & 3rd Ave, NYC

On my way to Oms/B the other day (one of my favorite Midtown Lunch spots on 45th St. btw. 3rd+Lex) I noticed an eviction notice plastered on the door of the Subway on 3rd Ave.+45th.  This site is all about finding the alternative to Subway, so clearly I’m not going to miss the foot-long subs I never ate-  however if for some reason this Subway was your go-to spot (I’m not cool enough to say “I pity da fool…” but there you go. I typed it.), maybe this will be just the motivation you need to try far superior sandwiches like Oyster Bar’s Grilled and Sliced Tuna Sandwich with Tomato Salsa or the small but mighty ones at ‘wichcraft!  No word on what will take this Subway’s place, but it would be particularly gratifying to see something good replace it (since it feels like more and more it’s the other way around these days.)

Go Go Curry Launches 2nd Annual Eating Championship

The 2nd annual Go Go Curry Eating Championship has been announced and if it was anything like last year it will guarantee a gut busting, curry eating spectacle of ‘grand slam’ proportions! Now I know what you’re thinking, “I can so do this!” Well, take heed lest you fall to the same hubris of last years Midtown Luncher who when faced with Don “Moses” Lerman’s prelim time couldn’t make the cut. This is not an amateur competition. Like last year we expect the professional eating retirees to come out of hiding, and Go Go Curry is even shipping in one finalist from Japan.

The qualifying rounds will be April 15th-May 20th, from 3-5pm. Pick up an application at Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th), there is a $20 registration fee. Final round is set for June 5th at 5pm. Let the challenge begin!

Gentleman Joe Takes the 1st Annual Go Go Curry Eating Championship

In the Forums: Vindaloo, Pineapple Burgers and Sunday Eats

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Council Member Looks to Extend Letter Grades to Street Carts

A few weeks ago the city announced that restaurants would be forced to hang Department of Health issued letter grades in their window (California style).  Now, a city council member is trying to get that rule extended to food carts as well. (link via Eater) Naturally the Street Vendor Project is completely against it, and the complaint is practically identical to those leveled by  the brick and mortar restaurants: “The problem is that the tickets the health department gives have almost nothing to do with actual health and safety,” says Sean Basinski.  In other words, does a cart deserve a “B” because the vendor wasn’t displaying their license properly? Or had their drink cooler on the sidewalk? And how does that really relate to the “cleanliness” of the food.

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