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Eat Your Fat-Ex Wife for Lunch at Coastal Cave

Coastal Cave is a quirky, mildly Asian influenced,  seafood-centric stand in Reading Terminal. The menu is scattered and strange, and I am totally into that. A lunch here could be decently healthy or really really bad for you, the choice is yours (but I choose both). Coastal Cave has a list of sandwiches whose names are as amusing as their contents are tempting.

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After Piles of Meat, A Vegan Break is in Order Courtesy of The Basic 4 Vegetarian Snack Bar

I ate an insane amount of meat on Monday. It is important to have balance in life, so  the Basic Vegetarian Snack Bar in Reading Terminal seemed like the appropriate place to detox (at least for one meal). It is a pretty popular stand in RT, and gets pretty busy during lunch time but the staff is efficient.

Since I generally like the concept of burgers or sandwiches topped with random things, I zoomed in on the “burger” topped with “chicken” salad.

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Jewish Style Corned Beef Fits the Bill for St Patty’s Day

Unforutnately St. Patty’s Day is not really recognized by employers. Taking a leisurly corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes kind of lunch may really be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a little bit, just be creative.  How about a Jewish deli style sandwich from Hershel’s in Reading Terminal. It is served up quickly, so why not get a little wild with it and bring it to the Beer Garden inside the Terminal for something celebratory to wash it down?

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An Amish Meat Sandwich Experiment: Smucker’s Pot Roast Sandwich vs The Rib Stand’s Boneless Rib Sandwich

While in Reading Terminal over the summer I was tempted by the sound of the boneless rib sandwich at one of the smaller Amish joints- The Rib Stand. I happily discovered that this sandwich is awesome, with perfectly cooked and flavorful meat. And no bones to get in the way.

So while in a similar state of Reading Terminal wandering, I passed Smucker’s and decided to stop because of a large sign advertising a pot roast sandwich. I instantly thought back to that boneless sandwich and wondered how this could compare. Maybe this could be a new favorite?

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Big Flavors in Little Thai Market

Recommended by Profiled Lunchers Thad, Hayley, and others, Little Thai Market was next on list of places to try in Reading Terminal. It seems like this little spot always has a line. Since there are not too many options to choose from, the staff quickly scoops up your order from the steam table and ushers you to the cash register.

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Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialities, Not so Special

I was in the mood for shwarma, so I stopped by Kamal’s in Reading Terminal. The menu is exactly what you would expect: falafel, shwarma, dips, etc. with options in platter or sandwich form. How could you mess up shwarma, right?

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Thanksgiving is 365 Days a Year at The Original Turkey

It seems like Thanksgiving is everywhere these days and thoughts of stuffing have been haunting my dreams. I needed to get my fix. I recently had  my first Wawa “Gobbler” experience, which if you don’t know, is a sandwich only offered during the fall season and includes the works- turkey, stuffing, cranberry. It is a passable Thanksgiving craving satisfier, especially as a late night option. But you might have to look elsewhere if you want your turkey hand carved.  I have often passed by The Original Turkey in Reading Terminal, but it wasn’t until I noticed they serve up a Thanksgiving sandwich, called the Stuffin’ Cranberry, that my notice turned into desire.

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