An Amish Meat Sandwich Experiment: Smucker’s Pot Roast Sandwich vs The Rib Stand’s Boneless Rib Sandwich

While in Reading Terminal over the summer I was tempted by the sound of the boneless rib sandwich at one of the smaller Amish joints- The Rib Stand. I happily discovered that this sandwich is awesome, with perfectly cooked and flavorful meat. And no bones to get in the way.

So while in a similar state of Reading Terminal wandering, I passed Smucker’s and decided to stop because of a large sign advertising a pot roast sandwich. I instantly thought back to that boneless sandwich and wondered how this could compare. Maybe this could be a new favorite?

This sandwich is $8 and comes with chips and a pickle. Unfortunately, it cannot hold a candle to my boneless rib sandwich. The meat wasn’t particular flavorful and some of the meat was gelatenous and not so nice to eat. The bun also was not so great.  I learned an important lesson: just because the person making your food wears a bonnet, doesn’t mean its going to be good. Perhaps the breakfast or  hotdogs are the better bet here. But as for the Amish sandwich battle, the Rib Stand stills reigns supreme.

The Grill at Smucker’s,  12th and Filbert St, 717-278-6532


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  • Breakfast is meh. Lacked flavor on the bacon sandwich and the sausage was just plain weird and undercooked.

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