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Christmas Village Gives Me a Big Doner

If you live or work in Center City, you are well aware that Christmas Village is back. Besides 70 merchants to take care of holiday shopping, there are several German food vendors. Though it is temporary, it worth using while it lasts to break up your regular lunch routine. Last year, I tried an impressive percentage of the food items available at the Village; the melted to order raclette cheese on top of a potato pancake (not available this year), goulash, currywurst, a pork schnitzel sandwich, and a bacon waffle with nutella and speculoos.  This year, I wanted to try the item I skipped last year, the doner kebab sandwich.

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German Lunch at The Christmas Village

LOVE Park has been transformed into The Christmas Village for the 7th year in a row. In the style of a traditional, open-air German Christmas Market, huts of crafts and snacks are open daily until Sunday, December 28th. While its around, we might as well take advantage of the quick and unique lunch offerings, tis the season.

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Chicken and Waffles from Chewy’s Food Truck

Andrew of Strada Pasta tipped me off that Chewy’s, a truck serving gussied up American food since this fall, had added chicken and waffles to the menu. I had assumed this truck just did burgers, but I realized my mistake when I saw the menu consisted of clever twists on classic food truck staples, like a kimchee egg sandwich, a BLT with granny smith apples and cider mayo, and a burger with feta and olive tapenade.  I was, however, on a chicken and waffles mission.

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What is a Double? It’s About Time You Learned With Help from The Mini Trini Truck

I mentioned last week that a new truck was joining LOVE Park. Due to some mechanical difficulties, last Thursday was actually their first day. They will continue to serve on their regular schedule now, Mondays and Thursdays. The Mini Trini truck is bringing Trinidadian food to Center City lunchers.  The owner also has a shop in Chestnut Hill, so she knows how to serve great food.  The truck is still waiting on its final touches to the facade, hence no truck picture posted since you should never take a picture of a lady without her makeup on.  I was, however, able to try and photograph the classic Trini dish- the double. Which is in no way anything close to the KFC double down.

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New Trinidadian Food Truck Coming To Love Park?

I just received a twitter message from “The MiniTrini” Truck, letting me know they are coming to Love Park next week with food like roti, jerk wings, doubles, and free desserts. Their facebook page says they will be at the park on Monday and Thursday. Their website is not working, so there are no more clues. But if this is happening, yay! I am all about Trinidadian food in Center City. A hearty double has the potential to be an awesome lunch especially in the cooler weather. Who is going to investigate on Monday?

Vibrant Truck Food from Latin Farmer

Over the summer when I first heard that a “sustainable”, “local”, “Latin”, food truck was coming to Center City I couldn’t have been more intrigued. Now the truck is all set up and is serving lunch Wednesday through Sunday at LOVE Park, Norris Square, and Headhouse Market. The menu is ambitious, with things like choripan sandwiches and hanger steak wraps it sets itself apart from other food truck in the city.  When finally making my way to order at the lime green truck, I was greeted by some friendly gentleman who told me that today was a good day- heirloom tomato salad was being served with the meals.

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Guapos Tacos for Lunch

Photo courtesy of Guapos Tacos

In early March Garces’ Guapos Tacos truck made its debut, hitting the streets all over Philly for dinner and late night. Today marks the first day they are serving lunch during the work week. They will be at LOVE park today (and tomorrow) at 11:00, and judging by the lines that can accumulate,  I suggest getting there early or bringing a crossword puzzle to work on. I was able to try some of the tacos as a late night snack, but the menu is the same no matter what time of day.

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