Guapos Tacos for Lunch

Photo courtesy of Guapos Tacos

In early March Garces’ Guapos Tacos truck made its debut, hitting the streets all over Philly for dinner and late night. Today marks the first day they are serving lunch during the work week. They will be at LOVE park today (and tomorrow) at 11:00, and judging by the lines that can accumulate,  I suggest getting there early or bringing a crossword puzzle to work on. I was able to try some of the tacos as a late night snack, but the menu is the same no matter what time of day.

All the tacos come 2 per order and range from $6.50 to $8.50, so this is one of the more expensive taco trucks around.  The fish taco comes with pickled red cabbage and a too tiny piece of avocado. The fried fish inside  is like the most glorious fish stick you could imagine. I must be a really gay fish. I just wished there was more of the fish. An order of this is not going to fill you up.

The chipotle short rib comes with chopped onions, radish, and cilantro, along with queso fresco and crema. The meat was juicy and tender but didn’t have enough flavor.

I was also not very impressed with the taco shells. Especially in the case of the short rib, they completed disintegrated; not ideal if you are eating on the street.

I heard the chicken and carnitas tacos are great, so I would consider trying those out another time. While I am not yet completely sold on Guapos Tacos (Sorry Jose, I am still GTC’s biggest fan), I think it could still be worth stepping out of the office today and trying some of the truck’s food for yourself.

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