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If You Are Going To Do Restaurant Week, Order Local: Philly Homegrown + Restaurant Week at GTC

You know its restaurant week again, right? This week and next week, excluding weekends, the 3 or 4 course $20 lunch and $35 dinner is back. There is a twist this year though, a twist I am all about. Philly Homegrown (part of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation) has worked with Center City District and participating restaurants to get at least one option on each RW menu to include locally sourced ingredients. Philly Homegrown is all about promoting both tourists and locals alike to appreciate our locally sourced food, and why shouldn’t we? We grow nice stuff around here. At Garces Trading Company, many of the lunch options have that red tractor next to them- meaning, this dish uses some local goodness. Lucky for me, I got to try those tractor approved dishes.

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A Lunch at Chifa Should Come in a Baguette

I had a plan to go to Sampan for lunch with my ladies, but then I realized they stop serving lunch! What a shame, I wanted to get my hands on those banh mi’s. I quickly thought up Chifa as a good alternative. Jose Garces’ Chifa combines Peruvian and Chinese cuisines, and lucky for us they have a lunch menu with some affordable  options. The Express lunch allows you to pick 2 courses for $14, but you can pick just one course instead and fall under the $10 but still be full. A list of smaller dim sum plates are also on the lunch menu.

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Guapos Tacos for Lunch

Photo courtesy of Guapos Tacos

In early March Garces’ Guapos Tacos truck made its debut, hitting the streets all over Philly for dinner and late night. Today marks the first day they are serving lunch during the work week. They will be at LOVE park today (and tomorrow) at 11:00, and judging by the lines that can accumulate,  I suggest getting there early or bringing a crossword puzzle to work on. I was able to try some of the tacos as a late night snack, but the menu is the same no matter what time of day.

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Garces Celebrates the Phillies Season w Fancy Hot Dogs

Score a mortadella house made hotdog topped with turnip relish, a side of chips,  and a Peroni, Stella, or Sly fox for $9 from 11-4 at Garces Trading Co the following days:

Monday, April 18

Tuesday, May 3

Monday, May 23

Monday, June 6

Monday, September 5

Monday, September, 19

Affordable JG Domestic Lunch

Garces’ newest venture, the upscale JG Domestic (2929 Arch St), has just a announced new affordable “Blue Plate” menu. From Monday to Friday a different seasonal lunch is now available from 11:30 -3pm.

Here are a list of the specials after the jump

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Why Did Nobody Tell Me There is Made to Order Mozzarella in Center City??

I just found out that Garces Trading Co makes fresh mozzerrella for their restaurant AND as to go orders at the cheese counter! To everyone who knew this and didn’t tell me, consider yourself slapped.  All this time I thought I had to head down to the Italian Market for super fresh mozzarella.

Garces has a little hot water bath machine that they put curds into as soon as you request your order. Salt and heavy cream are added and the ball is stretched and placed in an environmental friendly cup. Say yes when they offer to dress it for you in Garces House Olive Oil. It is still warm when the cup is placed in your hands.

What it looks like after the jump…

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Out of Town Special Occasions Call for Garces Trading Co.

I am out of town today, celebrating my Mom’s birthday. What to get for the lady who has everything? Cured meat from Garces Trading Co! Their meat counter is both exciting and expensive, perfect for creating your own gift bag of charcuterie. The jovial staff behind the counters could not be more helpful. They offer an endless supply of suggestions and samples. I got good advice on what would travel well. Don’t be afraid to ask!

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