Out of Town Special Occasions Call for Garces Trading Co.

I am out of town today, celebrating my Mom’s birthday. What to get for the lady who has everything? Cured meat from Garces Trading Co! Their meat counter is both exciting and expensive, perfect for creating your own gift bag of charcuterie. The jovial staff behind the counters could not be more helpful. They offer an endless supply of suggestions and samples. I got good advice on what would travel well. Don’t be afraid to ask!

In the top left is the country pate, a big hit with Mom. Yes, it is wrapped in bacon. The $8 chunk I picked up was the perfect size.

Orange coriander salami slices are in the top right corner. I was doubtful that orange and salami would work for me, but once I tried a sample I approved. The orange is so subtle.  I had the guy slice it a little thicker. At Garces Trading Co, they love showing off their impressive state of the art meat slicing machine and tend to slice anything they get their hands on paper thin- which works some of the time, but for the salami I wanted something to sink our teeth into.

The thin slices were more appropriate for the lomo embuchado (on the bottom). We were least impressed with this; it doesn’t stand out. But it goes nicely with cheese.

And for the grand finale, the big birthday splurge- jamon iberico at $112 a pound. Moms are worth it. The slices simply melt in your mouth; it’s like coating your mouth in meat butter. Eating this jamon is so intense, we all reported feeling some sort of food high.

This was a birthday worthy charcuterie spread. Whether in Philly or elsewhere, if you are on your way to a special occasion or need a gift for your host, you should consider picking up a variety of fancy food products from Garces Trading Co.

Garces Trading Company, 1111 Locust St (btw 11th and 12th St.), 215-574-1099


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