Affordable JG Domestic Lunch

Garces’ newest venture, the upscale JG Domestic (2929 Arch St), has just a announced new affordable “Blue Plate” menu. From Monday to Friday a different seasonal lunch is now available from 11:30 -3pm.

Here are a list of the specials after the jump

  • Monday — JG Domestic Burger with Grafton cheddar and house fries;
  • Tuesday – House Pastrami Sandwich, braised cabbage, house mustard on country sourdough with duck fat fries (pictured above);
  • Wednesday — Duxbury Whitewater Mussels, Allagash white ale and garlic sausage with house fries;
  • Thursday — ‘Soup and Sandwich,’ cup of Maine Lobster Cappuccino, butternut squash dumpling and vanilla emulsion and half of a House Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich with tomato, bacon and green goddess dressing;
  • Friday — ‘Salad and Sandwich’ featuring J.G.D. Crab Louie Salad, Miles River blue crab, bibb lettuce, cucumber, hard boiled quail egg, bacon and Shrimp Po’Boy, chipotle remoulade and crispy potato.

Today’s house pastrami option sounds awesome. And I know first hand that the lobster cappuccino is ridiculously good, so Thursday might be the day to get over there. Nice move Garces!


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    I can attest to the awesomeness of the Blue Plate Pastrami sandwich (had it a few weeks ago). Can’t wait to get back over there.

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