Chicken and Waffles from Chewy’s Food Truck

Andrew of Strada Pasta tipped me off that Chewy’s, a truck serving gussied up American food since this fall, had added chicken and waffles to the menu. I had assumed this truck just did burgers, but I realized my mistake when I saw the menu consisted of clever twists on classic food truck staples, like a kimchee egg sandwich, a BLT with granny smith apples and cider mayo, and a burger with feta and olive tapenade.  I was, however, on a chicken and waffles mission.

As the sign affirmed, chicken and waffles are available for $7. And extra dollar gets you fruit on top, but that seemed like overkill at the time. Waffles are made to order and come out hot and fluffy. I haven’t had a really good waffle in a long time and was really enjoying the taste of their batter. Under the skin, the chicken itself was fine, some pieces were a little sinewy. The real super duper important thing is the skin, right? Chewy’s has got it right here. The crispy skin was peppery and salty and tasted pleasantly like chicken fat when you sink your teeth into it. Honey, hot sauce , and butter are served  on the side. I didn’t need the butter.

Even more so than the arepas from Monday, this is not an easy thing to eat on the go. Especially on these brutally cold days, you are going to want to find a table indoors. Don’t say I suggested it, but maybe break into a Drexel building?

Chewy’s, Market btw 34th and 35th or LOVE Park, follow on twitter



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